Carl F. Bucherer

Carl F. Bucherer is an esteemed brand that has been setting horological standards since 1888. With a heritage steeped in Swiss craftsmanship and innovation, Carl F. Bucherer has garnered global acclaim for its exceptional timepieces.

Drawing inspiration from the brand’s rich legacy, the Patravi and Manero collections stand as true reflections of artistry and precision. The Patravi series embraces a harmonious fusion of sporty aesthetics and advanced complications, appealing to adventurers and cosmopolitan jet-setters alike. Meanwhile, the Manero line exudes timeless sophistication with its refined designs, making it an ideal companion for formal affairs.

Among their groundbreaking achievements, Carl F. Bucherer’s proprietary CFB A1000 movement with a peripheral rotor showcases their dedication to pushing the boundaries of horology.