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TITAN Nebula – The Home Grown Wonder

As the festive season dawns upon us, India is bustling with vibrant, elaborate and tradition-packed celebrations. Be it state-wise, region-based or community-wise, everyday is a celebration in the country. Given our incredible diverse social and religious tapestry, almost every festival …

Patek Philippe paints the town green

Terms like “broke the internet” and “a viral sensation” are often overrated but when Patek Philippe launches new additions to their collection, watch lovers across the globe are almost moonstruck with a certain level of madness, a kind of frenzy

André Mouche: Accessible enamelled jewels for your wrist

Swiss watches have been around for a while, making their mark and offering people impeccable timepieces, more like jewels and exquisite craftsmanship. But most brands that incorporate traditional watchmaking techniques in their watches often come at a price. We however …

The Hour Markers

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