For any watch enthusiast with many options of great brands to buy a watch, one of the most important part besides the current technology it offers is the knowledge of the brand’s rich history. In this section you can discover the history and legacy of various watch brands. From pocket-watches that enticed our Maharaj’s back in the day to our very own homegrown watch brands, we keep you apprised of the legacy that the various watch brands come with.

Timex: A watch worn and adorned by all

Timex- a timeless watch that has earned a reputation of not just being a rebel watchmaker with a cause but the “watch for every household.” Despite its simplicity, many famous people across all walks of life have adorned their wrists

Jaeger-LeCoultre : A Reverso for every wrist

The name Reverso immediately resonates with power, success, and respectability. Words that are generally common to the elite. Much has changed since the 1930s, but for watch hobbiest, now and then, the Reverso caseback remains a place where stories are

TIMEX: Timeless in a world full of change

“Takes a licking and keeps on ticking”

The famous slogan that put Timex on the map after the various “torture” tests they put it through in the 50s surely stirs some curiosity of the origins of this brand. Ever so

Victorinox – Where function rules design

Form follows function, but what if the beauty lies in the functions? We live in an era where beauty is considered shallow whilst the functions have become the driving force. Why though? I guess that’s what Victorinox Swiss Army means


Expressivity, Haute Horlogerie, Contemporary

It was not round, nor a square, nor rectangular. The watch La Sympathie, was way ahead of its time, when it launched in 1995, by the maker himself, Roger Dubuis, eponymous with cutting edge haute horlogerie.

Luxury Rolex Watches Defying Underwater Pressures

MASTERING WATERPROOFNESS: Breaking records, down under…

“We must find a way to create a waterproof wristwatch”, wrote Hans Wilsdorf in a letter in 1914, to Aegler, the firm which would later become the Manufacture des Montres Rolex S.A.

An enterprising

The Hour Markers

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