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Rolex : The Underdogs

When it comes to premium and prestigious watches, which is the first—and often the only—brand that springs to your mind? It’s none other than Rolex- the crown of the watch world. Rolex has been so ingrained in a worldwide society

Watch Out Ladies: Size Doesn’t Matter!

It’s too large, it’s too chunky, size matters… Just a few terms that are frequently used when it comes to women and their choice of watches. Got you for a second there didn’t we? That line between masculine and feminine

Tissot – Top 5 Must Have’s

A value proposition

For a brand that began by assembling watch parts procured from the Jura region of Switzerland, Tissot has surely come a long way. Starting with the name of the brand, the evolution of Tissot is quite exceptional. …

IN MY OPINION : A “Fair” Evaluation?

by Sunil Karer, Editor, Watch Market Review 

As I look back, on over decades of experience in the horological industry, I realize that there have been many ups and downs that we have witnessed. Yet, every occasion of despair has …

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