THM x Ulysse Nardin: Tantalised Taste-Buds & Multiple Watch Collector Communities Under One Roof!

8th June, Delhi — In the heart of the Capital, Delhi, The Hour Markers hosted a night that will linger in memories for a while. It was a truly amazing mix of high-quality watchmaking and luxury. Respected watch collectors from well-known groups like Red Bar, Watch Enthusiasts India, J9 Watch Collector’s and Watch Collector’s India got together for this exclusive invite-only event where Ulysse Nardin’s 2023 novelties and extraordinary timepieces were unveiled.

The exclusive sit-down dinner was hosted at a stunning venue, adorned with elegant décor, setting the stage for an atmosphere that exuded elegance and exquisiteness. In accordance with the vibe of Ulysse Nardin’s timepieces – meticulously constructed innovative watches.

With a short speech by Teresa Garin Mendarozqueta about the history of the brand, its marine collection, and the coveted Freak, guests were ready to get their freak on!

Next, Guests were served a delicious seven-course meal that was carefully curated by renowned chefs whose culinary masterpieces tickled the taste buds and pleased even the pickiest palates. As the guests enjoyed each delicious dish, the conversation flowed easily, weaving together an amazing tapestry of shared interest in horology.

Guests learned about the history of the Ulysse Nardin brand as they enjoyed delicious food and interesting conversations. This took them on a fascinating trip through time. Every watch on display showed how dedicated the brand is to accuracy, creativity, and pushing the limits of watchmaking.

Ironically, the crown jewel of Ulysse Nardin, The Freak One, was the clear star of the night. A watch with NO DIAL. NO HANDS. NO CROWN. Collectors were blown away by the revolutionary design and cutting-edge engineering of this extraordinary timepiece as the Ulysse Nardin team demonstrated how the watch could be wound, how to tell the time on the watch and more. It showed how innovative and bold Ulysse Nardin was. The Freak One is the essence of horological mastery because it combines traditional craftsmanship with futuristic looks.

The evening not only made people appreciate fine watchmaking more, but it also gave watch collectors a chance to connect with each other and build a community around their shared interests. As the guests left, their hearts were full of the beauty of the night, and they took with them memories that would last a lifetime. It was a celebration of art, craftsmanship, and the timeless beauty that lives on the wrist.

While the bar is set really high, The Hour Markers will be back with more such events for the watch community. If you wish to be a part of our events, register on Collector’s Corner and get exclusive access!