Watches And Wonders 2022_ Speake-Marin-Opening A Creative Chapter With The Ripples Collection

Sport watches have always been admired by the watch fraternity. Just the right amount of chic and aesthetic appeal! Speake-Marin makes a stunning debut with its first bracelet in steel with the launch of the Ripples collection at Watches And Wonders 2022.

Watches And Wonders 2022_ Speake-Marin-Opening A Creative Chapter With The Ripples Collection

“Ripples” Inspiration

Ripples leads the way in this new sport-chic collection, a reflection of our times, selected by the new aesthetes, the visionaries, the seekers of finesse, who overcome challenges in their fast-paced lives every day. Discreet but complex, it adorns the wrist of those comfortable to be different and builds a bridge between tradition and the future.

The new case, dubbed “La City,” is inspired by London’s eponymous financial centre, which blends business, heritage, and design. Ripples, a round square or a square in the round, has a unique shape, and its “Big Ben” hands pay homage to Speake-British Marin’s heritage.

Watches And Wonders 2022_ Speake-Marin-Opening A Creative Chapter With The Ripples Collection

It is a piece that integrates into everyday life and can be worn all week, whether at work or in casual situations. It is designed for the connoisseur who does not want to compromise on casual elegance. Its unique contemporary design reflects the wearer’s acute taste and demonstrates his or her superior watchmaking knowledge.

Its clear and exact contours are reminiscent of current designers’ and architects’ pursuit of perfect proportions. Speake-innovative Marin’s “Ripples” dial finishing is influenced by current art and materials utilised in modern industrial design. The watch looks different from every angle because of its creative and complicated design. It changes colours and shapes as it reflects light in different ways.

Through its case, wide Geneva stripes, hand bevelled bridges, inner angle, “Ripples” dial, and light reflections, the idea of the round in the square expression pushes watchmaking beauty to apparent simplicity.

All About The Movement

The RIPPLES is part of a new chapter in the brand’s watchmaking tradition, coming out of the Swiss workshop of Speake-Marin with a SMA03-T movement designed and developed in the brand’s Research & Development department at Le Cercle Des Horlogers. Furthermore, its confident modernity is a step into the future for our collections with the new Sport Chic Collection.

For this new collection, the SMA03 movement has been upgraded in terms of finishings to create SMA03-T, where “T” stands for “tradition” as a reference to traditional fine watchmaking know-how. With a power reserve of 52 hours, this timepiece has been exceptionally executed with hand-finished bridges, inner angle and is entirely rhodium-plated. A 2mm circular graining on the main plate was crafted, which will delight all connoisseurs attentive to movement decoration and design.

RIPPLES allows you to get in touch with the essentials, to feel at ease at all times and in all locations, and to combine great watchmaking expertise.

Price: CHF. 19,900 (Recommended Retail Price excluding taxes)


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