G-Shock rolls out its new line-up for 2021, FEATURED: G-Shock rolls out its new line-up for 2021

Virtual events and exhibition have become a harbinger of change. Reimagining the normal, at their global Casio watch exhibit, this cult brand introduced a plethora of novelties for 2021 across its key brands including the iconic – G-Shock. Known as the ultimate tough watch because of its terrific design and structure and over the top technological features, to many a G-shock is not just a watch but a feeling!

Here’s a peak into what we can expect from G-Shock this year…

Titanium Alloy G-SHOCK GMW-B5000TR  

G-shock India 2021An absolute cult favourite , the square full metal 5000 series of shock-resistant watches made with a special titanium alloy – the GMWB5000TR is back with a new addition.   

This special alloy, developed with Nippon Steel Corporation delivers roughly twice the hardness of pure titanium, but still boasts the same lightweight, anticorrosive and hypoallergenic properties. This intense hardness makes it possible to produce a mirror finish comparable to stainless steel on titanium, which typically has been difficult to process in this way. The result is the first titanium G-SHOCK with a mirror-finished bezel and band. 

The GMW-B5000TR is equipped with Smartphone Link functionality for automatic time adjustment, world time, and many more functions that are easy to use. The innovative design is accompanied by outstanding practicality, thanks to the original Casio Tough Solar power system, Multiband 6 radio wave reception, and full-auto LED backlight.

G-Shock GBA900

G-shock India 2021Introducing GBA-900 Series of Smartphone Link timepieces – the ultimate sports gear for the outdoor lover.  Power packed with features that are ideal for running, walking and other kinds of daily exercise, this model can measure distance using an accelerometer while linked with the GPS function of a smartphone via Bluetooth®. Once you take measurements with a smartphone, the next time you will be able to measure distance with the watch alone. Pretty cool right!

G-Shock G-LIDE Series – The tide watches G-Shock rolls out its new line-up for 2021, FEATURED: G-Shock rolls out its new line-up for 2021

Surfs up! The new G-LIDE Series now come with the ability to display information required by surfers (high tide and low tide times and levels), and to use a phone application for simple selection of one of approximately 3,300 locations around the globe. 

G-Shock rolls out its new line-up for 2021, FEATURED: G-Shock rolls out its new line-up for 2021An app running on a smartphone can be used for quick and easy access to surfer-essential tide information and sunrise and sunset times at approximately 3,000 locations worldwide. A high resolution MIP LCD enhances readability, and enables display of tide graph, moon data, high tide and low tide times, tide levels, and sunrise and sunset times. These models have a guard structure that withstands impact from above, below, left, and right, making them the perfect choice for wear while surfing. The bezels are composed of a combination of resin and metal, with stainless steel for the bezel top. The bezel combines hairline and honed surface finishes to create an elegant look. So if you are a wave rider or a surfer, the 2021 G-shock collection is worth the wait! 

G-Shock GMA-S2100 – Baby of GA-2100G-Shock rolls out its new line-up for 2021, FEATURED: G-Shock rolls out its new line-up for 2021G-Shock rolls out its new line-up for 2021, FEATURED: G-Shock rolls out its new line-up for 2021Now if the G-shock is too much for your slender wrist, here is a smaller version of the GA-2100 featuring an octagonal bezel, flat face, simple bar hour markers, and carbon core guard structure, the new GMA-2100. Only 11.2mm thick, which is even slimmer than GA-2100, it is available in four colours – black, red, pink and white, all soft and suitable for any occasion.

Whether you are a surfer or an athelete, an automotive enthusiast or a die-hard watch lover, G-shock has a lot for you to explore and own! Surely worth the wait this year…





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