Two versions, Fourteen possibilities 

Ironically, we recently published an article namely, Lack of Girth 😉 which basically was a suggestion of smaller and slender watches for thinner wrists. Well, Hublot has kicked off the LVMH Watch Week 2021 on a radiant and colourful note with the 14 new interpretations of the new Big Bang One Click 33mm. Yes, you got that right, the 33mm Big Bang cases have been further refined for slender wrists. 


But that’s not it, these new Big Bang One Click 33mm’s can change their appearance in no time at all to suit your mood. Available in stainless steel or in King Gold this versatile Big Bang One Click 33mm adopts the patented One Click” fastening system, allowing the watch to take on an alternative appearance in just a click.



In evening dress or understated black, nautical style or immaculate white, smart in pink or sky blue, wide-ranging in red, royal blue, green or orange, no matter the style of the Big Bang One Click 33mm, rubber rubs shoulders with the most prized of gems. In the pop version, the brilliant calfskin sparkles in electric blue, raspberry pink or terracotta orange. Like a silhouette that we take on for ourselves, the precious stands alongside the simplicity or the gloss of the natural materials. There are more diamonds, and their aura illuminates the bezel.



For almost 40 years, the brand has been one of the only ones to use natural rubber to make watch straps that are recognised by enthusiasts as the Hublot signature style. The soft and supple touch of this unexpected material in Haute Horlogerie is an asset in addition to the range of colours that appeals to fans of precision and elegance. 

Ricardo Guadalupe

With a dial in either black or white, it combines screws, a crown, indices, stylised numerals and a bezel set with 36 diamonds. The, houses the HUB1120 self-winding movement with the date at 3 oclock, and 28,800 vibrations per hour beat in its heart over 40 consecutive hours. A mechanical gem with a certain character. 

In my opinion, these new additions to the Big Bang family add a certain element of fun and freshness to what one may call haute jewellery watches. Although the diamonds do add just the right amount of panache to these watches, the colour of the strap would certainly dictate the mood and the vibe. And as cliche as it may sound the new Big Bang One Click 33mm seem like the perfect Valentine’s Day gestures, for both men and women. A way of wearing Haute Joaillerie nonchalantly, like another accessory.


Coming from a family of watch enthusiasts and pioneers, Kari, as fondly identified by the watch-community, has been a part of this mystical world of horology for almost two decades now. From watch magazines to books to Internationally acclaimed watch shows, Kari has founded, initiated and pioneered various such endeavours.

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