A sport like golf, has long been associated with the world of watches. Different brands have different histories with this beloved sport. Golf is a good proving ground for Richard Mille timepieces because it is a physically demanding activity. A timepiece worn on the wrist of a great hitter like Bubba Watson must be able to withstand the rigors of hard stops and sudden accelerations… All of these factors were taken into account when creating the RM 38-02, but not only…!

‘I have been pushing Richard for a pink watch for ten years and here it is!’ said Bubba Watson on seeing the RM 38-02 Tourbillon for the first time.”

The RM 38-02 is created around a Carbon TPT® baseplate with multiple layers of parallel carbon filaments, inspired by the daring of prior calibres signed by Bubba Watson and his ‘lucky’ color. Because of its hardness and the skeletonization to which it is exposed, this material, which is found throughout the RM 38-02, is extremely difficult to machine. The baseplate was subjected to numerous testing to guarantee that its skeletonization had no effect on the mechanical qualities of the watch.

The movement’s tremendous dynamics are provided by the baseplate, which supports grade 5 titanium bridges. They keep the involute gear wheels and the tourbillon’s variable-inertia balance wheel in place. The open-work bridge has two tubes on either side that pass through the movement. They’re made of grade 5 titanium and carefully painted in the desirable pink color to emphasize the calibre’s overall lines.

The color is an homage to Bubba’s famous Ping driver, and it adds subtle pink touches to the action. This color can also be found on the back of the barrel on a massive micro-perforated bridge, which mirrors the pattern on Bubba’s driver when he competes. The assembling of these PVD-treated bridges leaves no room for error for the watchmaker. A clumsy movement, a minor scratch on a portion, and the component is discarded.

Over time, physical and technological evolutions have drastically altered the face of golf. These athletes are hitting the ball further thanks to new training tactics. Novel construction procedures, as well as the discovery of new materials, have enabled golf clubs to be manufactured at the cutting edge of technology.

Given that a golf ball may accelerate up to 50,000 g’s today, it was vital to verify that the RM 38-02 could resist shocks of at least 10,000 g’s. With a calibre of only 9.19 mm thick, these volumes are mind-boggling. Engineers paid special attention to its dimensions, resulting in a strong architectural dimension that conveys its intricacy as well as the compactness required for shock resistance.

It’s pink. There is no doubt that the new RM 38-02 Tourbillon Bubba Watson meets the requirements. To reflect Bubba’s unusual personality, the watch and even the casing are made of a unique pink Quartz TPT®, white Quartz TPT®, and Carbon TPT® on the inside and out. It was a technological challenge to combine different colors and materials without blending them.

This model, on the other hand, represents a wish that Bubba has had since the beginning of the collaboration. This asymmetrical case, tapering between 2 and 5 o’clock and cancelling out any friction with the torque-limiting crown on the wrist, has realized that objective. The open-work bezel adds visual force and emphasizes the timepiece’s sportiness, while the Carbon TPT® and pink Quartz TPT® caseband create a wonderful clash of genres that defines the personality of this vibrant timepiece.

Over the course of Bubba Watson’s ten years with the Richard Mille family, the RM 38-02 Tourbillon Bubba Watson is the fourth watch in the collection to bear his name. It is the watchmaking equivalent of a hole in one, being produced in a numbered limited edition of 50 pieces.

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