PAC-MAN, the official eating icon that changed the history of arcade gaming is back in another fun avatar – the CASIO Vintage X Pac-Man watch series. 

Fondly remembered as the icons of their era both Casio and PAC-MAN took the world by storm in the 80’s. Whilst 27 years old Toru Iwatani introduced this yellow pie-shaped PACMAN character to the world, Casio was working on releasing a new vintage brand of digital watches. The concept was “Genderless” and  “Timeless” digital watches. Quite forward for the 80’s I’d say.

CASIO Vintage X Pac-Man watch
CASIO Vintage X Pac-Man watch

Most of the watches Casio developed after this were in that similar square format that in the recent years has become quite popular. From full metal watches to smaller slimmer profile models created with their uniquely colorful CMF design, Casio released a rich variety of models in this collection. Infact the F-100 watch released in 1978 was the first Casio quartz watch in a resin case that delivered advanced functionality with a stopwatch, digital alarm, and calendar functions. Now the A-100 reprises the F-100 but with a resin case.

CASIO Vintage X Pac-Man watch
Details on the strap

But what’s so different about this one, well besides that fact that it’s immersive design covers the entire watch in PAC-MAN’s game world bringing a spark of playful fun to your wrist. The PAC-MAN game screen on the crystal portrays an exciting scene that looks like it could leap into motion any moment whereas the square time display is in the “ghosts” room. But don’t miss the attention to detail here. Besides the face design that faithfully replicates the PAC-MAN game screen and we mean down to details like the pink line that marks the exit of the nest from which the ghosts emerges, the strap here also features different scenes from directly the game.  Above you see PAC-MAN eating the dots as he runs from the ghosts and below you see him chasing the ghost after eating the big “Power Pellet”. Turn it around and the case-back also features graphics with a game screen motif.

CASIO Vintage X Pac-Man watch
The Packaging

Last but not the least there is the packaging. This CASIO Vintage X Pac-Man watch comes in a tall black box that represents an actual arcade cabinet.  

If you are an 80’s baby, both, Casio watches and PAC-MAN have probably been an integral part of your lives.  Would I buy it? Well, why not. Firstly the attention to detail here is quite noteworthy. In my opinion it is a fun and light hearted nostalgia fuelled collectable priced at ₹8,995 that packs quite a punch! I’d give it a go…


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