URWERK Channels Ancient Sumerian Astronomy In The UR-100V Watch

URWERK has mastered the art of time travel with their latest creation – the UR-100V “Time and Culture II” watch. This meticulously crafted timepiece transports the wearer back over 4,000 years to the cradle of civilization in ancient Mesopotamia. Drawing deeply from Sumerian culture, myths, and astronomy, URWERK has created a watch with profound historical resonance. Yet the avant-garde aesthetic and unconventional indications place it firmly in the 21st century. This fusion of past and future epitomizes the essence of URWERK.

 the UR-100V "Time and Culture II"
the UR-100V “Time and Culture II”

The new UR-100V features a distinctive sapphire dome covering the dial, etched with motifs inspired by Sumerian mythology, astronomy and astrology. Central on the dial is an artistic rendition of Utu, the Sumerian sun god. Between the lugs floats an image of Nanna, the moon god. The bright blue color of the watch case references lapis lazuli, a precious stone associated with the goddess Inanna. Intricate sky charts and planispheres also adorn the periphery of the dial, reflecting the Sumerians’ advanced understanding of astronomy.

 the UR-100V "Time and Culture II"

The watch indicates the hours, minutes, and two rotating scales – one for the distance traveled by the Earth’s rotation every 20 minutes from the perspective of Ur, and another for the Earth’s orbital travel over 20 minutes around the sun. This creative display links ancient timekeeping from Ur with modern orbital mechanics.

The case middle is steel with a titanium caseback. At 41mm wide, 49.7mm long and 14mm thick, the proportions are typical of URWERK’s signature large, sculptural cases. The movement is URWERK’s self-winding caliber UR 12.02.

 the UR-100V "Time and Culture II" Crown

This new UR-100V “Time and Culture II” sums up URWERK’s approach – avant-garde, artistic dial design combined with unconventional indications and a sculptural case, while upholding fine Swiss watchmaking traditions through an in-house movement. Limited to 30 pieces worldwide, the watch retails for CHF 72,000.

 the UR-100V "Time and Culture II" Crown Dial

URWERK takes its name from the ancient Mesopotamian city of Ur, where the Sumerians originated the sexagesimal time system of 60 seconds and 60 minutes that became the basis for modern timekeeping. With this latest creation, the brand celebrates its roots in the cradle of civilization and the origins of horology.