Rolf Studer, CEO Of Oris with Karishma Karer

An advanced timepiece featuring an electrifying dial that seems to morph hypnotically from sapphire blue to emerald green to violet as it catches the light. So, no two timepieces one owns can ever be the same? Well, Oris has unveiled a rather interesting timepiece at Dubai Watch Week 2023. 

We caught up with Rolf Studer, CEO of Oris to talk about this new timepiece and for a round of rapid-fire questions about the watch industry. 

Talking about the new novelties at Dubai Watch Week Rolf said, “The Oris Pro-Pilot X Laser is a special watch. The Pro-Pilots have always been known for their titanium case and bracelet but this new novelty features a titanium dial. The dial has undergone a laser treatment which gives it a fascinating color play. The hand markers are also placed with the laser and not hand applied.” 

In Conversation With: Rolf Studer, CEO Of Oris On The Dubai Watch Week Novelties & More!

Oris also launched the Divers Sixty-Five Cotton Candy Sepia timepiece at Dubai Watch Week. “The Divers Sixty-Five collection is our favourite at Oris. While the earlier editions have a very summery vibe, this new timepiece with a black dial is the complete opposite but still fits in well with the ethos of the collection.” 

In Conversation With: Rolf Studer, CEO Of Oris On The Dubai Watch Week Novelties & More!

Now, it’s time to get into a fun rapid-fire with Rolf. We gave him 5 words and asked him what comes to his mind first when we say?

THM: Slimmest watch

Rolf: Bulgari, even though it isn’t the slimmest watch 

THM: India?

Rolf: A magic of senses that the country is known for. 

THM: Limited-edition or regular collections?

Rolf: Limited-editions 

THM: Would you prefer straps or bracelets? 

Rolf: Bracelet

Well, the conversation ended with Rolf sharing his love for vintage watches as well as novelties. As for the brand, stay tuned as Oris is set to come out with some interesting new launches next year!