Hublot Unveils The First 100% Ceramic Minute Repeater

A few crowns, sometimes bezels, possibly a pusher. Until now, other than a few anecdotal components, ceramic has never been mastered sufficiently to be fully used in a Minute Repeater. Today, we have turned a page: Hublot is the first watchmaker in the world to design, manufacture and assemble a Cathedral Minute Tourbillon Repeater entirely in ceramic.

This is a colossal challenge that Hublot has just pulled off. Ceramic is an extremely hard material both to machine and finish. The colouring of the ceramic requires exceptional precision in firing to obtain a perfectly homogeneous result. Until now, it has never been possible to guarantee the water resistance of the case, despite the movable trigger piece which operates the Minute Repeater. Nor, for that matter, has it been possible to obtain a clear and powerful sound within a 100% ceramic case; achieving this is a world first.

A superlative timepiece, the Big Bang Integral Minute Repeater Ceramic is equally a technical and decorative complication. These two aspects have been merged, to create an authentic Grande Complication that is intended for discerning collectors. Those who are defining the Haute Horlogerie of tomorrow, today. True to the history between Hublot and Japan, a country that is highly connoisseur of Haute Horlogerie, this edition will be available in Japan only.

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