Dubai Watch Week 2023: Oris Divers Sixty-Five Date Cotton Candy Sepia Exudes A Vintage Charm

The deep blue sea holds an eternal fascination for humanity. Since ancient times, we have ventured out across the waves, first with simple rafts and sailboats, later with advanced submarines and diving bells. The ocean beckons adventurers, its mysteries calling

Dubai Watch Week 2023: Oris ProPilot x Calibre 400 Laser: The Hypnotic Allure Of The Color-Shifting Dial

Oris has captivated the watch world yet again with its newest aviation-inspired creation – the ProPilot X Calibre 400 Laser unveiled at Dubai Watch Week 2023. This technically advanced timepiece features an electrifying dial that seems to morph hypnotically

How To Care For Your Timepieces During The Monsoons?

The monsoon is a mesmerizing phenomenon that brings a sense of enchantment and vitality to our surroundings. The arrival of this season signifies a refreshing change in the weather, where parched lands are nourished and life is rejuvenated.

As the …