Top 4 American Watches Lighting Up Your Wrist On 4th Of July

4th of July, a day inexhaustive with bursting firecrackers in the sky and loud patriotic parades on the roads, marking the 246th American Independence Day. A day prerogatory for Americans to embrace their history, look back on their progress and …

Timex: A watch worn and adorned by all

Timex- a timeless watch that has earned a reputation of not just being a rebel watchmaker with a cause but the “watch for every household.” Despite its simplicity, many famous people across all walks of life have adorned their wrists

TIMEX: Timeless in a world full of change

“Takes a licking and keeps on ticking”

The famous slogan that put Timex on the map after the various “torture” tests they put it through in the 50s surely stirs some curiosity of the origins of this brand. Ever so