URWERK Drops A Space Black UR 102


Urwerk is back with another beautiful demonstration of ergonomic ingenuity with the UR-120 Space Black. With its 44mm length, 47mm width, and 15.8mm thickness, the UR-120 features quite a smooth and flawless silhouette.

Space Black UR 102

But before we explore this further, …

Urwerk | The New UR-100V Magic T

After the black of carbon and the muted grey of raw titanium, URWERK continues to explore these ‘cold’ colours that come to life under the light and enlighten the informed eye. The new UR-100V Magic T is about research into …


At the crossroad of technical advancement, watchmaking development and space-time inspiration, the UR-120 is a new stage in the constant mutation of the URWERK species. This UR-120 furthers the codes of the UR-110 collection and reshapes its concept.

Urwerk 120

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