Undone Logo

Are you ready to design your own watch? Founded in 2014, this young watch brand from HongKong is a true balance between accessibility and personalisation – Undone Watches. Fueled by a strong passion for watches, founder Micheal Young, a veteran in the watch industry, transformed his passion for watch collecting and vintage watches to the creation of a very innovative and fun watch company – Undone. If cars can be customised why can’t watches? Labelled as the world’s first comprehensive customised watchmaker, Undone allows you to virtually build your watch from scratch using a carefully curated menu of components. Working hand-in-hand with companies like Cerakote and ceramic coating specialists, they are able to offer countless premium options.

Since storytelling is an integral process behind every collaboration, Undone watches has partnered with a craftsman specializing in repurposing Meiji period, Katazome fabric; a marriage between style and historic intrigue. They also have world famous custom chopper mechanics and tattoo artists to lay down their usual tools and translate their craft into the form of a timepiece.