Van Cleef & Arpels is putting its full weight behind its vision for the future of timekeeping at the 2023 Watches and Wonders salon. By fusing together two distinct fields of expertise, the Maison continues and expands its legacy of time-telling jewellery with modern innovations. New combinations of carefully chosen gems are shown off in the jewellery watches from the Perlée collection!

Van Cleef & Arpels precious watches combine jewellery expertise with watchmaking expertise to provide time with an opulent setting, whether worn on the wrist or dangling from the neck. New combinations of materials, carefully selected for their colour and quality, are born out of a daring reinterpretation of the iconic aesthetics of the Perlée and Alhambra collections. Gold, worked in delicate beads or radiant guilloché, often interacts with diamonds and other precious or ornamental stones, depending on the designs.


Van Cleef & Arpels introduces new timepiece variations to showcase the Perlée collection’s signature style. Five classic designs from the worlds of jewellery and watchmaking come together to present a modern take on timepiece jewellery.

The watches have a round face and are framed in a double row of golden beads, either in rose gold or white gold that has been mirror polished and set with diamonds. The dials, protected by domed glass, feature a glimmering design made of pavé-set diamonds, guilloché rose gold, or mother-of-pearl. The watch’s time is set with a push button located discreetly behind the case.

Van Cleef & ArpelsOnly one of the five models has a larger 30mm case than the other four’s standard 23mm. Each piece can be personalised with your choice of a second alligator strap from the assortment that comes standard. In keeping with the jewellery watch theme, there is also a bracelet available, which is made up of articulated golden beads that follow the beaded contour of the case. This band ensures that the Perlée watches are comfortable to wear by moving with the wearer’s wrist like a second skin. The straps are easily interchangeable to accommodate any outfit or state of mind.

The diamonds used to adorn these works of art are of the highest possible quality, scoring between D and F for colour and IF and VVS for clarity. Expert gemologists also exercise extreme care when selecting mother-of-pearl, whose guillochage brings out its delicate iridescence.

Six jewellery secret watches are adorned with golden beads, which dance together in a charming manner to complement the tones of precious or ornamental stones. These colourful, curved pendants are based on the design of 17th-century European pocket watches. They are true jewellery pieces that are worn on a long necklace to accentuate the wearer’s form. Simply turn the jewelled design to expose the time without drawing attention to yourself.

The signature beads in three of these exquisite timepieces are complemented by the vivid colours of precious stones. Diamonds and sapphires complement the warm glow of yellow gold, while emeralds and rubies respond to the romantic undertones of rose gold. These gems were first featured on jewellery designs from the collection, and their vivid hues highlight Van Cleef & Arpels’ devotion to opulent stones. The meticulous and exacting standards by which ornamental stones are chosen at the Maison are further evidence of this dedication.

The generous cabochons of three exceptionally rare jewellery materials are showcased in the new Perlée collection. Chalcedony, which can range in colour from blue-grey to pale blue, is transparent and features uniformly striated bands. While the rose quartz used in this collection for the first time is known for its pastel colour, it is enhanced by the shine of rose gold. The translucent, violet-tinged blue of sodalite, inhabited by irregular light veins, is the source of the gemstone’s poetic allure when set in yellow gold. Stones are selected for their beauty, subtlety, and how well they polish.

High-jewellery watchmaking at its best!

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