Grand Seiko debuted its first mechanical complication and a line of sports watches from the Evolution 9 Collection at last year’s Watches and Wonders, 2022 in Geneva. This year, Grand Seiko has introduced the Tentagraph, its first mechanical chronograph, to its Evolution 9 sports watch collection at Watches And Wonders 2023.

The new Tentagraph, like all Grand Seiko products, is driven by an obsession with precision. At the heart of the watch’s chronograph movement is Grand Seiko’s ground-breaking high-beat Caliber 9SA5. The new Tentagraph Caliber 9SC5, like the older Caliber 9SA5, ticks ten times per second, providing excellent precision when determining both the passage of time and the hour of the day. The watch has a power reserve of three days, even with the chronograph running, thanks to its energy-efficient escapement and two barrels, making the Tentagraph the 10-beat chronograph with the longest power reserve in the industry today*. The Tentagraph also undergoes an updated and more extensive battery of tests. The accuracy of the Tentagraph’s timekeeping is tested for 17 days in six different positions and three different temperatures, as is the case with all Grand Seiko mechanical movements. Additionally, the accuracy of the chronograph is tested for three days in three different positions.

Grand Seiko Tentagraph

Each Tentagraph movement is subjected to 20 days of testing to ensure it is accurate to within +/- 3 seconds per day, the Grand Seiko Standard. Grand Seiko begins a new era with the release of the Tentagraph, expanding the brand’s offerings in the realm of sports watches.

Using cutting-edge components from Grand Seiko’s mechanical watchmaking industry

The revolutionary Dual Impulse Escapement is found in the new movement; it transfers power to the free-sprung balance wheel both indirectly (via the pallet fork) and directly (via the escape wheel) for maximum efficiency. Increased energy efficiency and a long power reserve are made possible by the MEMS technology that guarantees the precision, light weight, and durability of the escapement’s components.

Modern chronographs with a vertical clutch and column wheel are the gold standard for precision and ease of use. When using the chronograph, the hands won’t shake or jump around because of the vertical clutch, and you’ll have more precise readings thanks to the column wheel. The three-pronged hammer built into the mechanism ensures that when the reset button is pressed, the hands return to zero simultaneously and in unison.

An Evolution 9 sports watch that embodies Grand Seiko’s standards.

This new chronograph from Grand Seiko is a clear manifestation of the brand’s aspirations for its sports watches. The Evolution 9 Style is a timepiece with powerful hands and prominent, grooved indexes, guaranteeing excellent readability. The chronograph’s second hand is gently curved downward towards the dial, bringing its tip as close to the markers as possible and allowing it to reach the very edge of the dial. The minute hand is also subtly curved to make the time easy to read.

Grand Seiko Tentagraph

The two convex pushers guarantee the operability necessary for measuring elapsed time at the highest level, and the case and bracelet are made of high-intensity titanium, which is about 30% lighter and more scratch resistant than stainless steel to maximise durability.

Mt. Iwate-themed dial

The dial of the Tentagraph, along with all other Grand Seiko mechanical watches, features the brand’s signature “Mt. Iwate pattern,” which was designed to evoke the ridged contours of the nearby mountain visible from the windows of the Grand Seiko Studio Shizukuishi. Since its debut in 2006, Grand Seiko’s mechanical watches have often been identified by the distinctive Mt. Iwate dial. The majestic mountain has been a constant source of motivation for Grand Seiko, so it’s only fitting that their first mechanical chronograph be named after it. The combination of the dial’s soft blue colour and its design evokes images of the starry sky above Mt. Iwate.

Beginning in June 2023, you can purchase the Grand Seiko Tentagraph from Grand Seiko Boutiques and select retail partners as part of the Evolution 9 Collection.

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