It’s time to move away from complications and into the high-jewelry side of watchmaking. At Watches and Wonders Geneva 2022, Hublot debuted the bold new lines of the Square Big Bang Unico, and now they’re showing off eight new limited edition iterations. The manufacturer is concentrating on two specific models: one in titanium and another in King Gold, a redder 18-carat gold alloy with copper and platinum.

There are a total of eight possible recommendations for each model, with four possible sensitivity levels. Bezel is set with 44 white diamonds weighing 1.9 carats in the first tier. The upper tier is a standard model, and the lower tier is a more opulent one that features 138 white diamonds (weighing a total of 3.3 carats) set into the case.

The third stage is leading up to some sort of jewelry. Therefore, we refer to this assembly as “Jewellery.” This is a more elaborate and detailed setting. Fifty baguette diamonds adorn the bezel. With the 94 diamonds in the case, the total diamond weight is well over 4 carats (4.4 carats precisely). On the fourth level, things ramp up. This piece of “high jewelry” represents a radical departure from earlier iterations. The bezel and dial are both entirely set in diamonds, bringing the total diamond weight to nearly 18 carats, and the case is adorned with a total of 285.

Hublot_ Eight Exclusive Diamond-Set Square Big Bang Unico’s Unveiled

An invisible setting is a jewelry technique where the claws holding the stones appear to disappear, giving the impression that they are simply and delicately placed flush with gold or titanium. Each piece has this setting (in white gold or King Gold). All the diamonds were specifically chosen for their size to draw attention to the prominent stance of the case. Each diamond’s rectangular and trapezoidal outline here is a perfect geometric match for the Square Bang’s square outline. The 79 baguette diamonds on the hour markers, flange, and counters are a particularly dazzling display of the timepiece’s meticulous craftsmanship. The recognizable protective lugs of the Big Bang case, the dedicated push-piece of the bracelet, and the folding clasp all received the same meticulous attention to detail (which has 30 baguette diamonds).

Hublot_ Eight Exclusive Diamond-Set Square Big Bang Unico’s Unveiled

Each of these iterations further attests to the one-of-a-kind nature of the Square Bang Unico, Hublot’s first attempt at designing a square watch (the only geometric shape the brand had not previously explored, following the round and the barrel). A novel squared shape is presented here. Collectors of the Big Bang will recognize some of its defining characteristics, such as the six screws on the bezel, the composite side pieces and bezel, the interchangeable rubber strap, and the fact that the Big Bang’s time markers and hands float above the watchmaker’s own Unico bicompax chronograph.

Hublot_ Eight Exclusive Diamond-Set Square Big Bang Unico’s Unveiled

The dazzling white of the diamonds is mirrored in the brushed grey of the titanium, so the monochrome aesthetic is maintained in this version as well. The case’s strong design (it has cut-off sides) and the diamonds’ subtlety contribute to the watch’s sleek, contemporary aesthetic.

In comparison to the King Gold version, a radical shift in style is apparent. Its palette is more varied and vibrant. Over forty years ago, the brand was founded on the collision of two worlds, symbolized by the gold case and the black rubber strap. The diamond’s brilliant white color makes it stand out from the rest of the piece.

The setting is the highlight, but the jewel-like design is a clear winner. Although the Square Bang Unico retains its strength and edge, it now sports an unprecedented glitz, a suit of light. It could be seen by some as a way to minimize the watch’s impact on the wrist. On the other hand, the rows of diamonds that accentuate the contours will make the lines appear more assertive to onlookers. It will take on the characteristics of whoever uses it last.


Priced at:

28 900,00 CHF/ 31 800,00 EUR/ 30 400,00 USD/ 26 200,00 GBP

47 900,00 CHF/52 700,00 EUR/ 50 400,00 USD/ 43 500,00 GBP

36 900,00 CHF/ 40 600,00 EUR/ 38 800,00 USD/ 33 500,00 GBP

55 900,00 CHF/ 61 500,00 EUR/ 58 800,00 USD/ 50 700,00 GBP

Technical Specifications:


Set with 44 diamonds totalling approximately 1.87 carats

Set with 138 diamonds totalling approximately 3.31carats

Set with 44 diamonds totalling approximately 1.87 carats

Set with 138 diamonds totalling approximately 3.31 carats


Satin-finished and Polished Titanium “One-Click” System
Satin-finished and Polished Titanium “One-Click” System set with 94 diamonds
18K King Gold “One-Click” System
18K King Gold “One-Click” System set with 94 diamonds

Size: 42 MM
Thickness: 14,7 mm
Water resistant: 10 ATM

Satin-finished Titanium with Anti-reflective Treatment

18K King Gold and Sapphire Crystal with Anti-reflective Treatment


Polished Titanium set with 44 diamonds
18K King Gold set with 44 diamonds

Sapphire Crystal

HUB1280 Unico Manufacture, Self-WindingChronograph
Frequency (HZ): 4 (28’800 A/h)
Power reserve (hours): 72
Number of components: 354
Jewels: 43

Black decorated rubber
Titanium Deployant Buckle
Black decorated rubber
King Gold and Black-plated
Titanium Deployant Buckle


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