Rolex updates the look and functionality of the Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller, a watch beloved for its convenience and cutting-edge design at Watches And Wonders 2023!

In particular, this watch for jetsetters is available in 18-carat white gold with an Oysterflex bracelet. This is the first iteration of the Sky-Dweller to feature the black elastomer bracelet in addition to the precious metal, which is making a comeback.


New dial colours are featured on the other two models shown off. The white Rolesor model (a combination of Oystersteel and white gold) is available with a mint green dial and an Oyster bracelet; this hue was previously reserved for the Datejust. The 18-carat Everose gold version, meanwhile, features a blue-green face. An elegant combination of two tones, the Oyster bracelet is exclusive to the presented reference.

The Calibre 9002 has been installed in the Sky-Dweller. This new movement is an improvement upon the previous calibre 9001 and features several of Rolex’s most notable innovations, such as the Chronergy escapement. Calibre 9002 allows the Sky-Dweller to show not only the current date and month but also the time in two different 24-hour time zones. Superlative Chronometer certification, which is carried by all Rolex watches, guarantees the Sky-Dweller’s performance.


The Sky-Dweller is an elegant watch with a perpetual calendar and dual time zones for globetrotters. An offset disc shows the 24-hour reference time, while the conventional centre hands indicate local time. Saros, the name given to the annual calendar, automatically distinguishes between months with 30 and 31 days. Its patented mechanism and unique display make it stand out from other watches. The 12 apertures around the outer edge of the dial, beyond the index hour marker, show the months of the year, with the current month displayed in red. Local time is used to calculate the instantaneous date change.

The Ring Command system found on the Sky-Dweller serves as an interface between the watch’s rotatable bezel, winding crown, and movement, allowing the wearer to select and set the watch’s individual functions one at a time in a straightforward, efficient, and safe manner.

Since registering the name in 1933, Rolesor has been a distinguishing feature of every Rolex watch. Rolesor is the combination of gold and Oystersteel. It’s a union of two metals, one of which is highly corrosion-resistant and guarantees strength and dependability, and the other of which is noble and precious, attractive for its lustre and stability. These characteristics are reminiscent of the sophistication and functionality found in a Rolex timepiece.

The new white Rolesor Sky-Dweller has a white gold bezel, a stainless steel middle case, a stainless steel back, and an Oystersteel bracelet.

The new generation Sky-Dweller has a 42 mm Oyster case that is guaranteed to be waterproof to a depth of 100 metres, making it a paragon of durability and elegance (330 feet). The middle case is available in Oystersteel or 18-carat white or Everose gold and is hand-carved from a single piece of metal. The movement can only be accessed by certified Rolex watchmakers, who use a special tool to hermetically screw down the case back, which is adorned with delicate fluting.

Calibre 9002: This self-winding mechanical movement is a technological masterpiece, providing exceptional performance in the areas of accuracy, power reserve, convenience, and reliability. It is based on Rolex’s calibre 9001, one of the most complex movements ever created by the brand, and has powered the model since its introduction in 2012.

The Chronergy escapement, featured in the Calibre 9002, is both highly efficient and dependable. This escapement, constructed of nickel-phosphorus, can withstand high magnetic fields without being affected. Rolex uses a blue Parachrom hairspring, a paramagnetic alloy, in their movements. The hairspring provides exceptional stability across a wide range of temperatures and excellent shock resistance. The Rolex overcoil guarantees consistent operation from any angle. In order to improve the movement’s resistance to shock, Rolex mounted the oscillator on their patented high-performance Paraflex shock absorbers. An improved ball bearing supports the swinging mass. The Calibre 9002 has a Perpetual rotor that allows it to wind itself. The superior efficiency of the escapement and the barrel design of the calibre 9002 allow for a power reserve of around 72 hours.

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