TAG Heuer is pleased to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the TAG Heuer Carrera at Watches and Wonders Geneva 2023. For sixty years, the iconic design from the Swiss watchmaker has set the standard for performance watches, competitive spirit, and the ethos of winning.

The TAG Heuer Carrera has represented aspiration, achievement, and refined taste since its debut in 1963. Celebrities as diverse as Mick Jagger, James Hunt, and Ryan Gosling have all worn it over the past six decades. Consistently chic appearance, backed by reliable Swiss precision. TAG Heuer’s newest release, the Carrera Chronograph Tourbillon, is sure to become a staple in the brand’s lineup of cutting-edge timepieces.

Carrera Chronograph

The larger, sportier TAG Heuer Carrera tourbillon models that came out before this elegant new model were introduced. The new timepiece is based on the same aesthetic principles and basic shape as the new TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph, with the exception of a tourbillon aperture located at 6 o’clock on the dial.

More than two centuries have passed since the invention of the tourbillon, which consists of a cage that rotates around the escapement to counteract the effects of gravity on the precision of a mechanical movement. Few watchmakers, even in the modern era, have mastered its intricate design. TAG Heuer is one of a select few brands to achieve this status. TAG Heuer’s new watch is driven by their own TH20-09 in-house tourbillon movement.

The 65-hour power reserve is supported by the chronometer-certified automatic movement, which also features a chronograph function.

Each facet of the timepiece has been perfected to highlight the tourbillon’s mechanised elegance. The curved sapphire crystal and fluid design of the new TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph Tourbillon, for instance, allow the tourbillon’s aesthetics to be appreciated from all sides. The dial’s flange and indexes have also been subtly curved to match the edge of the crystal and add a touch of class to the timepiece.

Carrera Chronograph

The watch’s aesthetic and legibility are both improved by the additional details. To ensure that the chronograph read-outs are easily readable, silver rings of high contrast surround the dark azuré subdials. Similarly, there is fiery orange detailing over each hour marker on the minutes scale that runs around the outer edge of the dial. The central seconds hand of the chronograph has a sharp, triangular shape reminiscent of racecar dashboard instruments from the 1960s, adding a final, almost nostalgic touch.

Carrera Chronograph

The TH20-09 was developed by TAG Heuer’s technical teams, led by Director of Movements Carole Forestier, to improve upon the TH20-00 in a number of ways, including bidirectional winding, greater efficiency and accuracy, and more refined finishing. A five-year guarantee is included.

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The watch’s signature TAG Heuer Carrera blue dial has a circular brushed finish, and it is complemented by a blue calfskin leather strap. Despite the high level of detail, the watch’s colour scheme is what really sets it apart. The TH2009’s drama is capped by a sapphire case back.

TAG Heuer’s new Carrera Glassbox models are a step into the future

The designers and watchmakers at TAG Heuer have created new pieces for the collection that both document the history of the TAG Heuer Carrera and predict its future. These TAG Heuer Carrera Glassbox watches honour the legacy of Jack Heuer’s original design in every way: they are classic yet cutting-edge, precise yet refined, elegant yet technical, ergonomic yet striking, and practical yet aesthetically pleasing. They are the epitome of modern classics.

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