5 Watches That Make a Great Children's Day Gift

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10 Nov 2021 |
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Children’s day- a day when every young one looks forward to waking up to a little something special under their pillow or in the living room. With gifting options galore, what if you could gift your child something that resonates with their childhood? It’s none other than a children's watch reminding them of fantasies and adventurous moments. From Marvel to school time, we’ve got you covered! 

Here is a list of 5 children's watches that you could gift this Children’s Day. 

1. Fossil: The Space Jam Collection

You cannot deny that Bugs Bunny, Tweety, and Lola Bunny will always hold a special place in your kids’ hearts. It does for us too. Space Jam by Fossil pays homage to what makes this new film, Space Jam: A New Legacy, so thrilling for all ages — familiar characters, reinterpreted storyline, and strong imagery — as a brand long inspired by American heritage and iconic moments in culture.

All Stars Collection-Daffy Watch

All five watches include a sporty silicone strap, a color-coded bezel to match each character's appearance (42MM case size), and a specially etched caseback. The watches in the Space Collection are priced at ₹ 6,495. 

All Stars Collection-Tweety Watch

Bugs Bunny and Lola Bunny, the Tune Squad's most renowned combination, take the center court on two dynamic watch designs, each combined with a limited-edition bag tag and a commemorative coin, in the Slam Dunk Collection. Their bestselling Minimalist watch platform (42MM and 36MM case sizes) links back to reinvented Buckner and Megan backpacks with complementing card cases and coin pouches, with bold graphics and iridescent embellishments. Each watch in the Slam Dunk Collection averages at ₹ 11,995.

Slam Dunk Collection-Bugs Bunny Watch

The exclusive Tune Squad Box Set, available in a limited quantity, is the ultimate collector's item. When you open the box, you'll find a locker room full of interchangeable straps and swag, including a limited-edition 42MM case watch with an image-changing lenticular dial depicting your favorite Tune Squad players. 

Tuna Squad Set
Tuna Squad Set with interchangeable straps

Space Jam by Fossil respects the Tune Squad's adventurous spirit and a timeless lineup that has made them icons across generations, whether you saw the prior film in theatres 25 years ago or are joining the fan club with fresh eyes now. It sure makes me yearn to be a child again. 

2. Citizen Marvel Collection: Captain America 

Did we already have your attention at Marvel? The Citizen Marvel Captain America watch pays homage to the first Avenger with camo-inspired style and the iconic Captain America shield. A black ion-plated stainless steel case, a double-layered Cordura and polyurethane camouflage strap, and a black dial with date are all included. Featuring their Eco-Drive technology, which is fueled by any light source. There is no need for a battery. If your little one is a Marvel fan, this Citizen priced at ₹ 19,250, is the way to go. And also, who knows you can keep this watch for yourself too! 

Citizen Marvel Collection Children's Watches
Citizen Marvel Collection: Captain America Watch

3. Parchie Pal 

The young ones now have a new Pal! Introducing Parchie Pal, a joyful and colorful watch collection designed to teach toddlers and adults how to tell time. From Me-Time, Party Time to School Time, they have a watch for every mood. Meet Party Time Parchie! Perfect for all those moments when you just want to have a good time with your friends.

Parchie Party Time Children's Watch
Parchie Party Time Children's Watch

The Parchie watch is a traditional 32mm diameter aluminum dive watch. Available with an adjustable nylon strap it fits any wrist measuring 4 to 6.5 inches. For easy timekeeping, each watch has various colored hands that correspond to the hours and minutes. All Parchie Pal watches are water-resistant to 30 meters (100 feet), so you could swim, shower, and bathe with them–just no deep-sea scuba diving! Priced at the US $50, you cannot think of a better gift for your child, a watch that helps you learn how to tell the time. 

4. Baby G- Neon Illuminator 

No, we are not talking about Baby Shark, but sure, Baby G will have you hooked. The Beach water series is truly mesmerising. The translucent blue of the ocean, the pink of the dusk sun reflecting off the sea, the white of the beach sand, and the black of a summer night encompassing the beach are all accessible as part of a series centered on a subject that showcases the beauty of a midsummer beach.

Baby G Neon Illuminator
Baby G Neon Illuminator: Beach Traveler Series

The face's edge is made of a semitransparent material that mimics the glisten of ocean water. The hour and minute hands seem like a boat's helm and anchor, adding to the overall beach activity theme. The face's basic style is completed with bar-shaped hour markings.

Baby G Neon Illuminator Children's Watch
The neon illumination in Baby G watches

Neon Illuminator employs black light to make facial elements glow, making it easier to read. When you turn on the illumination, the hands illuminate in colors that give the impression of a nighttime ocean. These new BABY-G variants are ideal for a wide range of beach and summer travel activities for your little babies. The price point stands at INR 6495. 

5. Flikflak 

Did you know, your child could design a watch at home? Or maybe even shine bright. Too many choices for children's watches but this stands out. This vibrant set encourages minis globally to aspire for the stars! It's time for youngsters everywhere to shine with a bright trio of Swiss-made watches that promise to add year-round sparkle to life's party. They're ideal gifts for creative kids with big dreams, and they serve as wearable reminders that "can" is always the magic word.

Flikflak Children's Watches: Confetti Party
Flikflak Children's Watches: Confetti Party

CONFETTI PARTY is an educational children's watch with a sparkly strap and a transparent dial. A wonderful present for tiny stars who want to learn how to tell time. It is priced at AED 185,00. What also makes Flikflak stand out is their DIY at Home offering. Download the watch canvas and allow your child to unleash their creative genius. A fun way to educate your child while also having some fun. Aren't these children's watches just the right gift? 

Flikflak DIY at Home Children's Watch Canvas
Flikflak DIY at Home Children's Watch Canvas

This Children’s Day, surprise your kids with these fun and educational timekeepers. We guarantee you one thing- seeing this they will have a wide smile on their faces. A watch, like a bike or a book, will give children a sense of freedom and responsibility. As we all unleash the child in us this Children's Day, we hope you find the appropriate present among the beautiful designs and the most simple timepieces. Give them a gift they can never get enough of- time!