Why Should You Be In Dubai In May: The Jaeger-LeCoultre Precision Pioneer Exhibit

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6 May 2024 |
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Watchmaker Antoine LeCoultre's obsession with precision continues to drive the Manufacture's watchmakers and engineers today. Celebrating this enduring quest for precision mastery, Jaeger-LeCoultre has unveiled four new interpretations of the Duomètre collection - first introduced in 2007 and embodying nearly 200 years of precision expertise.


The perfect incarnation of the "Precision Pioneer" spirit, the new Duomètre timepieces uphold the innovative dual-wing concept while showcasing enhanced accuracy and reliability. Each finely calibrated component vividly brings to life the Manufacture's boundary-pushing mastery that has coursed through its ateliers since the 18th century workshops of the founder himself. An unwavering obsession with chronometric perfection on full display.

The Watchmaker of Watchmakers shared a piece of cosmos with s in February 2023 with the Stellar Odyssey Exhibit In Dubai. With micro-mechanical wonders on your wrist, they’re back again with the Precision Pioneer Exhibition at Dubai's ICD Brookfield Place from May 7th to 19th, 2024. This traveling showcase celebrates a storied history of precision dating back to the 1830s. If you appreciate fine craftsmanship, innovation, and immersive artistic experiences, then you won't want to miss the Precision Pioneer exhibition! 


What to expect?

Through discrete spaces and multiple levels, the exhibition layout will invite visitors to dive deeper into the principles of precision across watchmaking, art, and culinary disciplines. At the core is Jaeger-LeCoultre's belief that mastering any field takes immense time, patience, and dedication - values embodied by their skilled watchmakers and craftspeople. The Precision Pioneer experience is divided into four fascinating chapters: The Precision of Production, The Precision of Chronometry, The Precision of Regulating Organs, and The Precision of Complications. Guests can expect to not only discover the Maison's latest timepieces but to be swept up in a watchmaking adventure exploring precision.


Artistic Experience With Roy Wang 

A true highlight will be the exhibition's collaboration with Roy Wang, the "Street Light Painter," under Jaeger-LeCoultre's Made of Makers program. Wang meticulously prepares each creation, compressing time into visually captivating artwork that transcends boundaries by melding traditional techniques with cutting-edge technology. Attendees can marvel at four of Wang's immersive artworks, three visuals, and a mesmerizing stop-motion video.


Culinary Experience By Chef Himanshu Saini

For a multi-sensory journey, don't miss The Precision Atelier, a gastronomic experience dreamed up by two Michelin-starred Chef Himanshu Saini. This Made of Makers collaboration allows you to sample four savory bites showcasing Saini's scientific mastery of blending spices and his artfully precise presentations.


Watchmaking Discovery

Finally, hands-on Discovery Workshops by The Atelier d'Antoine will reveal why precision is so crucial at every stage of watchmaking through interactive stations. From the mysteries of the tourbillon to specialty measuring tools, these workshops illuminate the art and science of Jaeger-LeCoultre's passionate pursuit of precision.


With engaging artistic displays, culinary inventiveness, and an immersive deep-dive into the mastery of Swiss watchmaking, the Precision Pioneer exhibition arriving in Dubai this May is a must for anyone who appreciates human achievement at the highest level. 

Book your travel and mark your calendars for this limited engagement from May 7th to 19th at the ICD Brookfield Place. To book your slot click here