Diamonds On Your Wrist : The Allure Of Backes & Strauss Regent Steel 3238

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22 Jan 2024 |
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There's something undeniably alluring about wearing a piece of timeless luxury on your wrist. Backes & Strauss, with over 200 years of heritage as a diamond company, has masterfully created watches that capture the essence of elegance.

Their prowess with diamonds is evident in the 126 brilliant-cut stones that adorn the Regent 3238 watch, totaling 2.24 carats. Each diamond is hand-selected and set to maximize fire and brilliance, surrounding the navy blue dial in a scintillating fashion.

Backes & Strauss Regent Steel 3238

The brand's heritage extends beyond diamonds. The neoclassical architecture of 19th century London, particularly the work of John Nash, heavily inspires their watch designs. Nash was commissioned in 1811 to remodel portions of London into grand sweeping vistas. Backes & Strauss's Regent collection reflects this, with gracefully curved cases and bold symmetrical layouts.

The namesake Regent Street, curving through Nash's town planning, is echoed in the smooth polished lugs hugging the edge of each watch case. The prominent white Roman numerals and polished diamond-shaped indexes reflect the grandiosity of Nash's columned aesthetics. And the signature "Jewel in the Crown" is reminiscent of the glittering solid-gold crowns adorning many neoclassical buildings.

Backes & Strauss Regent Steel 3238 Crown

The technical excellence behind each Backes & Strauss watch is no accident. They partnered with Franck Muller, renowned for high complications. Franck Muller was the first to make a watch with a perpetual calendar, moonphase, and three-dimensional tourbillon in one model. The care and ingenuity that goes into such complex mechanics is applied even to Backes & Strauss's simpler automatic movements.

Backes & Strauss Regent Steel 3238 Wristshot

Backes & Strauss represents a pinnacle of craftsmanship rarely seen today. Each watch showcases an artistic sensibility honed over centuries. The graceful neoclassical curves of the case and lugs hint at the rich heritage behind the brand. Wearing one of their watches evokes a sense of timelessness - the fluid blending of past and present.

Backes & Strauss Regent Steel 3238 Crown

Owning a Backes & Strauss timepiece means so much more than just owning an elegant accessory. It means owning a legacy built on passion and excellence. For the discerning collector who appreciates true luxury, Backes & Strauss epitomizes the best of the best. When you wear their watch, you wear over 200 years of uncompromising mastery on your wrist.


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