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Geneva Watch Days 2022: Bvlgari: Experience Quintessential Glamor On Your Wrists With The New Serpenti Seduttori Timepieces

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29 Aug 2022 |
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Bvlgari and Serpenti go hand in hand. With several special editions and the classics, what can we expect different at Geneva Watch Days? Well well, the brand has a lot in store. According to Bvlgari, the Italian word for snake, "serpenti," serves as an endless well of creativity. Roman jeweler's cult lizard coils around the wrists of the most refined women as a symbol of power, life force, and rebirth. One of Bvlgari's legends has been redesigned for 2019 with a sleeker, just as sensuous case and a bracelet covered in hexagonal scales. It is for this reason that the Serpenti is now known as the Serpenti Seduttori.


The Serpenti Seduttori Tourbillon, in its brilliantly contemporary incarnation, has a bewitching impression and serves as a source of inspiration. The watch, which is more of a creative incubator than ever before, features a contrastive play of diamonds and black spinels pounding to the rhythm of a delicate mechanical tourbillon movement, exemplifying the beneficial interaction between Haute Joaillerie and Haute Horlogerie.

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The epitome of sophistication!

Some believe that its undulating physique and poisonous sensuality are to blame for the creature's storied reputation. Since the 1940s, Bvlgari has taken design cues from snakes. A watch case in the shape of a teardrop and a bracelet that wraps around the wrist once or more invoke the spirit of the Serpenti with minimal effort. Variable changes are being made to the collection all the time. One or two trips around the world, exotic components, priceless gems, and a special grade. Consistently, it evokes feelings of surprise, sensuality, mystery, and femininity.

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This bold legacy is kept alive by Bvlgari's latest breathtaking design, the Serpenti Seduttori Tourbillon. Spinels and diamonds are king, representing the ultimate distillation of light and dark contrast. The bezel is encrusted with black spinels, and the white gold case measures 34 millimeters in diameter and is covered in diamonds. Excellent! Its serpentine design and supple, comfortable fit are a nod to Bvlgari's unparalleled skill in this field and evoke the mythology of the serpent.

Bulgari 2022_Serpenti Seduttori Tourbillon_Craft_01

See for yourself the captivating charm of this masterpiece, its mesh pattern occasionally paved with diamonds and sometimes with black spinels. In this piece of excellent Haute Joaillerie, the frantic pace of time is married to the timeless beauty of precious stones. The black spinel stones act as protective amulets, while the unmistakable circle of virtue they create serves to count off the hours on this exquisite little work of art.

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Bvlgari and ultra-thinness have an unparalleled history of records punctuated by the Octo Finissimo Ultra and its 1.8 mm thickness. A dizzying figure that also explains the 3.65 mm thickness of the BVL 150 self-winding movement powering the Serpenti Seduttori Tourbillon: a tailor-made miniature caliber that had to be designed to the nearest millimeter to be housed in the iconic snake-head case.

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While the excellence of its realization is not to be outdone, the view of the tourbillon is simply breathtaking. The beauty of the complication can be seen at 6 o’clock, blending perfectly with the precious nature of the setting. From the great art of watchmaking to the smallest jewelry detail, this timepiece is thus an anthem to ancestral craftsmanship. It celebrates the hand of the artisan, enthralling the gaze through a game of light effects or mise en abyme. The beautiful mechanics and the alternating gems serve as infinite accelerators of creativity and endless sources of emotion.

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Can black not be mentioned when discussing sophistication and sensuality? It's a timeless shade that never seems dated. Everything may be said, and everything can be hinted at, in just one sentence. At Bvlgari, black complements the materials: the famous Serpenti Seduttori and Serpenti Spiga, as well as the highly urban Bvlgari Bvlgari in ceramic or steel, are all finished in this sleek, modern hue. Each of the three collections makes use of the enigmatic and ageless associations with the brand's name, which is steeped in mystery and history.

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The figure now wears black, the non-color that bridges the past and the future. The watch face of this model is curved like a teardrop, and the band is as soft as a second skin, providing a comfortable and secure fit. This refined model is available in not one, but two, priceless iterations from Bvlgari, each with a dial that travels from depths of darkness to subtleties that show glimmers of light.

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These two pieces of information share a powerful message, a manifesto of glitz housed in a steel case measuring 33 mm and treated with DLC to create contrasting but complementary black surfaces. The black side of the watch is beautifully complemented by the rose gold bezel, which comes in two styles: a more subdued one without any diamonds, and a more flashy one with 38 diamonds (0.38ct). Both precious items have a quartz movement and a folding clasp that is both elegant and innovative.


Another multilayered, multipurpose black watch that adds value through its construction is the Serpenti Spiga. This one-of-a-kind piece, which Bvlgari added to its storied catalog in 2014, is anything from simple.

Bulgari 2022_Serpenti Spiga Black_Crea_02

How can one define an item that takes its inspiration from an ear of wheat and features a bracelet that wraps twice around the wrist, evoking the vestals of the goddesses of Greek mythology while exuding a crazily contemporary air?

Bulgari 2022_Serpenti Spiga Black_Packshot_03

Absolutely, without a doubt, it is an icon in the truest meaning of the word. The ceramic and gold that has been employed for 40 years in Bvlgari jewelry, most notably on the renowned b.01 rings, adorn the 35 mm case, bezel, and bracelet of this watch. The material itself is a reflection of the innovative and creative spirit at the core of Bvlgari. The links of the black ceramic bracelet are set with 152 diamonds (totaling 1 ct) using the Tubogas technique, which is based on especially difficult metal craftsmanship, elevating this limited-edition timepiece to a new standard of quality. The rose gold bezel, adorned with 38 diamonds (0.29 ct), is a stunning example of gemsetting art. When set against the gleam of gold, austere black takes on a captivating gloss.

The perfect play on contrasts and textures, Bvlgari sure knows how to give you a touch of glamor on your wrists!