Girard Perregaux Laureato

Girard Perregaux’s Laureato 42mm In Pink Gold & Onyx : A Kaleidoscope Of Forms And Lush Hues

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30 Jun 2022 |
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First introduced in 1975, the original Laureato quickly became a favourite of watch collectors and design enthusiasts alike. The Laureato is one of a select few contemporary timepieces that have stood the test of time. The Girard-Perregaux Laureato 42mm, housed in a pink gold case with a handcrafted black onyx dial and powered by an in-house mechanical movement, has just been unveiled by the Maison.

Girard Perregaux Laureato 42mm

An enduring design

The 1970s were a groundbreaking decade for design. Creativity has given a wide range of items a classic look while also enhancing their usefulness. This design prowess was on display in the style of a number of very innovative watches, and the period is still recognised for its forward-looking approach to fashion design. Indeed, a number of high-end watchmakers produced steel-encased timepieces with integrated bracelets during this period. Many designs from this era have faded over the years, but only a few have remained visually appealing.

The Girard-Perregaux Laureato, introduced in 1975, is still a classic that inspires lustful fantasies. The Laureato was designed from the onset to combine a variety of shapes into a singular, yet unified, appearance. As you can see, the casing on each of these watches is tonneau-shaped, and the bezels on each are octagonal, with the ring on top of it being round.

Laureato 42mm

Even while the Laureato has geometric, clean-cut lines, its soothing temperament is like a smooth rock sculpted by nature and lacking in harshness, like the Laureato The contrast between the polished and satin-finished surfaces is particularly striking throughout the piece. To maximise the impression, the finishes are distinct and distinct from one another. Final touches include a wristband that fits snugly around the wearer's wrist for a secure and comfortable fit. When seen from a distance, Laureato's distinctive profile is immediately apparent because of the contrast between its two dissimilar forms.

Girard Perregaux’s Laureato

The initial watch was dubbed the 'Quartz Chronometer' when it was introduced in 1975. But in Italy, the most important market for Girard-Perregaux at the time, this model became known to the cognoscenti as 'the graduate (Laureato in Italian) of the school of Girard-Perregaux.' This adoring moniker was given to the model in honour of her prize-winning success and uncanny accuracy. In the end, the Maison decided to go with the moniker. The octagonal bezel lies on top of the case like a laurel crown on the head of a laureate.

The Laureato's design has undergone minor revisions throughout the years, but the spirit of the original 1975 model has remained. The new Laureato 42mm Pink Gold & Onyx is based on Girard-fifth Perregaux's version of the Laureato.

Some of the 1970s' most recognisable structures, automobiles, and furnishings will stand the test of time as timeless works of art. Laureato, a Girard-Perregaux original, is a deserving addition to this elite group, according to the watchmaker.

Swiss know how

When Girard-Perregaux was created in 1791, the company's ethos was focused on innovation. Swiss watchmaker Vacheron Constantin was at the forefront of quartz timekeeping in the 1970s, a technology that offered the prospect of future accuracy that was unimaginable. As a result of this, 32,768 Hz was chosen as the universal standard for quartz watches after being set by the Maison.

Girard Perregaux’s Laureato 42mm caseback

The employment of the Calibre 705, an in-house quartz movement certified by the COSC, in the first Laureato of 1975 was maybe inevitable. Traditional Swiss watchmaking was in decline during this time period and unprepared for the changeover to battery-powered clocks. It's no secret that quartz watches remain popular with many customers, but Girard-Perregaux has been producing in-house mechanical movements for more than 230 years. Girard-Perregaux released the Laureato 8010 in 1995, just as mechanical watchmaking was regaining popularity. When it comes to mechanical movements, all models with larger casings use quartz movements, including the Laureato 34mm.

A new addition to the family

Girard-Perregaux is happy to introduce the Laureato 42mm Pink Gold and Onyx, the newest member of the Laureato collection. There are polished and satin finished surfaces throughout this 18-carat pink gold case, keeping with the company's legacy of using these materials in opposition to one another. In order to complete the look, a matching pink gold bracelet is a nice finishing touch. Handcrafted black onyx dials are coupled with the case's noble colours to create a beautiful timepiece.

Girard Perregaux’s Laureato 42mm
Hand-shaped and hand-polished, this priceless substance is the result of decades of experience by skilled artisans. Onyx thin dials need a total of 15 procedures, but the mirror-like surface of the finished product is well worth the time and effort. Gold-toned hands, baton-style indexes, and the GP logo at 12 o'clock are featured. An appealing contrast is provided by the combination of deep black onyx and pink gold, which is associated with the Laureato brand name.

The self-winding movement in this particular reference includes a plethora of precise details, which is to be expected from a brand that is synonymous with Haute Horlogerie. There is circular graining on the plate's primary surface, as well as beveling, mirror-polishing and numerous engravings on other parts. There are straight Côtes de Genève adorning both bridges and the pink gold oscillating weight. There is a minimum power reserve of 54 hours in the movement.

Girard Perregaux’s Laureato 42mm Movement
The Laureato's in-house movement requires a number of operations, including a particularly fine and time-consuming finishing. Furthermore, the pink gold case and bracelet are also meticulously crafted. Watchmakers with years of experience oversee every step of the production process. The Laureato name is linked with uncompromising quality because of the dedication, precision, and consistency of its employees. Despite the fact that many hours are spent on each watch, perfection is rarely reached in a hurried manner. Although this model isn't a 'limited edition,' it nevertheless has a limited supply because of the time and effort that went into making it.

In September, the Laureato 42mm Pink Gold and Onyx will be available at all authorised Girard-Perregaux stores worldwide.