Grand Seiko: New Mechanical GMT's

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11 Nov 2021 |
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Grand Seiko has dropped two mechanical GMT's with dials that draw inspiration from the wilderness and the open sea. Combing innovative technology and time-tested craftsmanship, this watch aptly combines a GMT and a sports watch. A mere look at these watches transports me to the sand dunes or the beaches. What a feeling! 

Grand Seiko GMT 2021
Grand Seiko GMT Watch with a mechanical and sports function

Grand Seiko, founded in 1960, had a strong desire to succeed. The notion that inspired the designers and engineers during the development of Grand Seiko, and ever since, was that it should be the 'perfect' watch, with standards of precision, durability, and beauty that would lead the world.

Grand Seiko Sport Collection- SBGM245 & SBGM247

The GMT hand may read the time in a second time zone, and one can move the hour hand without compromising the accuracy of the watch. This dual-time feature is ideal for globe travelers, and it's now accessible in a high-performance sports watch. The hour and minute hands are large and feature LumiBrite to make them easily legible at all times of day and night. 

Grand Seiko SBGM247
Grand Seiko SBGM247

The GMT hand is red and has a characteristic form that makes it visible against the deep blue dial at a glance. The screw-down crown is recessed at four o’clock for further security, and the watch is water-resistant to 20 bar. All of this is contained within a 40.5 mm diameter casing.

Grand Seiko SBGM245
Grand Seiko SBGM245

GMT convenience combines the high functionality of a real sports timepiece in this timepiece - a unique combination. Caliber 9S66 includes all the features of Caliber 9S65, the most basic automatic movement of the 9S mechanical versions, but with the addition of the GMT function.

Caliber 9S66
Caliber 9S66 Movement

The watch embodies Grand Seiko's commitment to precision, with excellent precision in both the vital time display and the GMT function. Majestic in their design, these watches capture and refine the essence of this brand. 

Developed out of a goal to create the world's best watch, the collection continues to push mechanical watch perfection to the limits of timekeeping technology. As a serious watchmaker, it combines innovative technology with a wide range of workmanship to elevate the art of watchmaking to new heights.