Tropical Blooms Take Centre Stage On The New Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso One Precious Flowers Series

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13 May 2024 |
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Recreating a scene straight out of tropical paradise, Jaeger-LeCoultre made exceptional use of the blank canvas presented by the metal reverse side of its Reverso One timepiece. With its Métiers Rares atelier, the brand launched its Precious Flowers Series and remains one of the very few watchmaking manufactures to have an artistic craft offshoot alongside its watchmaking facility. Three models were introduced in this growing series that were released as a limited edition of 10 pieces each. All timepieces in this series are the Reverso One pink gold case measuring 40 x 20 mm in size and fitted with a manual 846/1 calibre with a power reserve of 38 hours. The imagery includes verdant leafy greens interspersed with colourful blooms in varying shades of vibrant oranges, soothing blues and hints of royal purple. Sitting atop shiny alligator leather strap with an interchangeable folding clasp, these blooming beauties are a sight to behold! 


Precious Flowers: Birds Of Paradise 

Home to the graceful birds of paradise flower, this vibrant and eye catching design is rimmed around the piece to highlight the delicate mother or pearl dial. True to the natural colours appearing on the flowers, the brand has used 19 different shades of different colours to recreate the paradise flowers and foliage. 24K gold leaves have been used as an underlay to highlight the cheerful gold tones and also give it a new dimension. Using the Grand Feu Champlevé technique that required 60 hours of meticulous detailing, the blooms were brought to life. The timepiece makes brilliant use of snow and grain setting techniques to embed 331 diamonds totaling 1.64 carats along its tiny surface. 


Precious Flowers: Hibiscus Enamel

This piece is truly one of a kind as for the first time ever, it features a Métiers Rares Reverso background made entirely out of enamel wrapping around the convex case sides to frame the dial. Reinterpreted in colours resembling a lush lagoon, the Hibiscus Enamel is a striking symbol of beauty and wisdom. Using Grand Feu Champlevé as well as paillonne enamel techniques to colour the surface, the brand has used more than 12 colours in varying degrees of transparency and opaqueness in 9 layers to transform the Reverso One into a mesmerizing timepiece. To further enhance the timepiece, tiny pieces of 24 carat gold leaf is cut into the exact shape and size of the pattern to be filled in. Applied manually, the gold leaf lends texture and brilliance to the flowers making them look lifelike transporting you to the sandy shores of a tropical island. 


Precious Flowers: Hibiscus Diamonds

The Hibiscus Enamel version of the Reverso One Precious Flowers Series gets a glamorous upgrade with the hibiscus diamonds rendition. Totaling 120 hours of snow setting free hand work, the timepiece is set with more than 500 diamonds in total. While firing hardens gold, gem setters require soft metal to seamlessly embed the stones onto the surface. Finding the right balance of these temperatures is something that the artisans at Métiers Rares have gained mastery. The 12 shades used to recreate the flowers and foliage have resulted in a sparkling timepiece that mimics a sun kissed lagoon.