MB&F’s HM8 Mark 2 Supercar For The Wrist Get A Racy Sapphire Blue Bodywork

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26 Apr 2024 |
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The enthusiasm for cars and watches is often a shared affinity for mechanical marvels. Be it the growling roar of a naturally-aspirated V8 or the meticulously precise oscillation of a balance wheel, the allure of a perfectly choreographed motion of components is a fascination for many. Among the ones inspired, is a dreamer, a watch designer, an irresistibly adorable personality and none other than the founder of MB&F - Maximilian Büsser. As a blossoming child, Max always dreamt about being a car designer. While the universe had a parallel plan for him, his realized career path never restricted his creative and magnificent exhibition of automotive affinity. This got metamorphized as a wrist adornment in the form of HM5 launched in 2012. The dream peaked when Max introduced the HM8 in 2016 which refined further to yield the HM8 Mark 2 in 2023. Now the supercar inspired design gets wheeled off as a limited edition of 33 timepieces featuring titanium chassis and a sapphire blue bodywork.

MB&F's HM8 Mark 2 is introduced in a metallic sapphire blue CarbonMacrolon case

A Watch Built Like a Car

Tracing the automotive inspired design cues for the HM8 Mark 2 won’t be a hassle for true petrolheads. The aesthetic boasts significant design cues hinting towards the trademark aesthetic of the Porsche 918 Spyder. Just like an automobile, only this time fit for the wrist, we get a 30 meters water-resistant chassis which houses its powerhouse, a three-dimensional engine featuring jumping hour and trailing minutes displays, evoking the speedometer aesthetic of the 70s. The movement is based on a Girard-Perregaux caliber packing in a mileage of 42 hours from a full tank. It revs, beats harmonically, at a rate of 28,800 vph and is constructed from a total of 247 components with a 22k gold rotor being the true masterstroke in its construction.

The HM8 Mark 2 features a Girard-Perregaux base caliber

Although this 2024 iteration of the HM8 Mark 2 features updates limited to cosmetic nuances, they sure let the timepiece express its automotive roots even better. The bodywork gets a metallic pigment paintwork, just like we see in supercars. It’s constructed from MB&F exclusive CarbonMacrolon composite material for added strength and rigidity. The metallic sapphire blue hues evoke a deep automotive allure and surely strike all the right chords, for horology aficionados and car lovers alike. Paired with a sporty and white calfskin strap, the overall package feels very racy.

The translation of automotive essence isn’t limited to aesthetic inspiration but mechanical nuances and nomenclature as well. Its crown is a one-of-a-kind system featuring a ‘double de-clutch’ system for engagement or activation. Positioned at its posterior side, the crown required a push-twist motion for extraction.

The MB&F HM8 Mark 2 Blue Edition is limited to 33 pieces

Our Thoughts

The metallic sapphire blue hue is a welcome addition to the HM8 Mark 2 series. It further accentuates its automotive essence and makes it appear even sportier. Just like the Porsche 918 Spyder on which it's aesthetically based, the timepiece feels and appears to be racing away at 200 mph even while being still on the wrist. The glossy aesthetic makes it feel even more aerodynamic, a true secret in gaining on the last few notches of speed which make all the difference between being the first to cross the checkered flag or the one among losers. After all, Ayrton Senna poetically expressed the notion as, “Being second is to be the first of the ones who lose.”


HM8 Mark 2 is available:
in titanium and green CarbonMacrolon® body panels limited to 33 pieces;
in titanium and white CarbonMacrolon® body panels;
in titanium and blue CarbonMacrolon® body panels limited to 33 pieces.

Three-dimensional horological engine, composed of a jumping hour and trailing minutes module developed in-house by MB&F, powered by a Girard-Perregaux base movement.
Mechanical movement, automatic winding
22K gold automatic winding rotor
Power reserve: 42 hours
Balance frequency: 28,800bph/4Hz.
Number of components: 247 components
Number of jewels: 30 jewels

Bi-directional jumping hours and trailing minutes, displayed by dual reflective sapphire crystal prisms with integrated magnifying lens.

Grade 5 titanium with green, white or blue CarbonMacrolon®
Dimensions: 47 x 41.5 x 19 mm
Number of components: 42
Water resistance: 30m / 90’ / 3atm

Sapphire crystals
Sapphire crystals on top, front and display back treated with anti-reflective coating on both faces.
Dual reflective sapphire crystal prisms with integrated magnifying lens.

Strap & Buckle
Calfskin strap - white for the British green and sapphire blue models and green for the white model with a titanium tang buckle.