MB&F's Legacy Machine FlyingT - A Horological Tribute to Feminine Grace and Vitality

MB&F's Legacy Machine FlyingT - A Horological Tribute to Feminine Grace and Vitality

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20 Mar 2024 |
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The Legacy Machine FlyingT, launched in 2019 pays homage to the feminine influences in the life of its founder, Maximilian Büsser. This three-dimensional kinetic art piece, inspired by the women of Büsser's family, particularly his mother, combines supreme elegance with tremendous vitality, reflecting the qualities he admires in them.


Inspirations and Design
The creative process behind the Legacy Machine FlyingT began with Büsser's desire to create something inspired by the feminine influences in his life. He sought to capture the combination of seemingly incompatible qualities that characterized the greatest feminine figures in his life – elegance and an infectious energy that could captivate an entire room.

The design of the Legacy Machine FlyingT epitomizes these qualities, with refined and pure lines reminiscent of other Legacy Machines, but infused with dynamism and exuberance through the central flying tourbillon. The intimate and personal nature of the timepiece is reflected in the placement of the time indication at the 7 o'clock position on a dial plate tilted at a 50° angle, facing the wearer – a subtle message that the time belongs solely to the owner.


Unlocking the Feminine Side of MB&F
To bring out a different level of refinement for the feminine-inspired Legacy Machine FlyingT, the case was completely redesigned. The height and diameter were reduced to shift the focus to the highly convex sapphire crystal dome, while the lugs were slimmed down, their curves were emphasized, and deep bevels were introduced to create a more elegant profile.


Harsh or defined lines have been tempered throughout the watch, as seen in the undulating shape of the hour and minute hands, echoing the rays of the sun-shaped automatic winding rotor. Asymmetry is highlighted in the design, from the positioning of the time display to the ventricular dial-plate aperture that frames the emerging tourbillon. Even the tourbillon cage itself embraces asymmetry, with a cantilevered double-arch upper bridge instead of the symmetrical battleaxe found in other MB&F tourbillons.

Woven throughout the Legacy Machine FlyingT are subtle references to femininity, such as the solar motif of the automatic winding rotor and the column construction of the tourbillon, introducing concepts of life-giving and support – elements that resonate strongly with Büsser.

About the Engine
The mechanical antecedents of the Legacy Machine FlyingT lie mostly in the Horological Machine collection, particularly the HM6 series and HM7 Aquapod. The LM FlyingT engine utilizes a vertical and co-axial approach to movement construction, departing from most modern watch movements that take a radial and co-planar approach.

The cinematic flying tourbillon, which boldly projects beyond the dial-plate, is a visually stunning example of the rotating escapement and stands in stark contrast to other flying tourbillons, which usually do not venture past the confines of their surrounding watch dials. To ensure balance, a counterweight is hidden under the tourbillon carriage, on the opposite side of the upper tourbillon cage.


The 280-component engine of the Legacy Machine FlyingT has a power reserve of four days (100 hours), one of the highest within MB&F, showcasing the growth of in-house expertise and experience.

'Friends' Responsible for the FlyingT
The Legacy Machine FlyingT is a true testament to MB&F's collaborative spirit, with a team of talented professionals contributing to its creation. From concept and design by Maximilian Büsser and Eric Giroud, to technical and production management by Serge Kriknoff and MB&F's in-house team, every aspect of the FlyingT has been meticulously crafted by a network of specialized suppliers and artisans.

The list of 'Friends' responsible for the FlyingT reads like a who's-who of the Swiss watchmaking industry, including names like Precision Engineering for the tourbillon, Amecap and Horlofab for plates and bridges, Groh + Ripp for gemstone dials, and C.-L. Rochat for hand-finishing of movement components, among many others.


From the sculptured, three-dimensional cases and beautifully finished engines of the Horological Machines to the historically inspired Legacy Machines that pay tribute to 19th-century watchmaking excellence, MB&F has consistently pushed the boundaries of horology, earning numerous accolades, including 9 awards from the prestigious Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève.

With the Legacy Machine FlyingT, MB&F has once again demonstrated its commitment to innovation and creativity, crafting a timepiece that celebrates the feminine spirit with grace, dynamism, and a touch of audacity.