MING 37.07

MING 37.07: An Accessible Mosiac For All

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16 Aug 2022 |
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There was a lot of interest in a more affordable version of the original Mosaic once MING introduced it in 2020. However, because of the sapphire-based manufacturing method, this is not feasible, as the price of a single mosaic dial is higher than that of an entire 17-series timepiece.

MING 37.07

Nonetheless, MT persisted in responding to the calls for a visually similar - and yet, unique - method in an effort to provide the same complexity to a wider audience. With this being their fifth year together, it seems like a good moment to release the fruits of their labor.

Back To Their Roots

The 37.07 is an updated, more refined version of the same concept that gave rise to their first watch, the 17.01. The 37.07 is an approachable option in their collection because of its reductionist design, radial symmetry, layers, nuances, central texture, hand wind movement, and price point. In terms of engineering and production, the partnership with Manufacture Schwarz-Etienne continues.

MING 37.07 Dial

Evolution, refinement, and interactivity

However, that's where the parallels stop, because it's so much more besides. The lug twist, which runs the length of the case from the flanks to the lugs' bases, is created and finished using multi-axis machining due to the case's complexity.

MING 37.07 White Strap

With a sapphire caseback, you can see the hand-winding SW210.M1 in a configuration that is exclusive to MING; some of you may know this as sharing a base with the 37.05 Moonphase. The case is made of 316L stainless steel for increased wrist presence. The diameter is still a comfortable 38mm for most people to wear, but the slim bezel makes it look much bigger.

MING 37.07 Sapphire Caseback

Water resistance to 100 meters and a water-resistant rubber band designed by Jean Rousseau further emphasize the watch's intention as a reliable travel companion. The 3705 marked the introduction of their new tuck-under buckle, and the strap is designed to go with it.


The dial, the watch's focal point, is made of brass and has Super-LumiNova in its center and a round, brushed finish on its outside rim. A three-layer printed mosaic covers the dial's inner face (on the upper, and lower surfaces of the sapphire and the lower brass dial). The mosaic design includes both dark and light components. As has been their trademark, the final product is complex, profound, bright, and inverted all at once.

MING 37.07 Super-LumiNova

Continuing to address accessibility

Due to the restricted availability of the 37.07 and in honor of their fifth anniversary, they have once again instituted a time-limited order process. There were two time periods during which one could buy a watch:

  • July 29 between 2:00 and 2:15 a.m. GMT
  • July 29 between 1:00 and 1:15 p.m GMT.

If you submitted an order between those times, you were assured of receiving a timepiece. The 37.07 could be yours for CHF 3,250 plus a non-refundable deposit of 50% (or CHF 1,625). The remainder will be charged upon shipment, which is scheduled to start in May 2023. It is possible that deliveries will continue through the end of 2023, depending on the final amount. Those interested in purchasing a timepiece could do so just through the website www.ming.watch.