Omega X Swatch's Lunar Liaison: The Snoopy MoonSwatch Touches Down

Omega X Swatch's Lunar Liaison: The Snoopy MoonSwatch Touches Down

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21 Mar 2024 |
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In a celestial choreography that has left watch enthusiasts in awe, Swatch has once again joined forces with Omega, unveiling the highly anticipated Snoopy MoonSwatch. Dubbed the "Mission to Moonphase," this horological marvel celebrates the bond between the beloved Peanuts character and the cosmic exploits of the Speedmaster.

After months of tantalizing teasers and print ads featuring the cartoon pooch's paw print on the lunar surface, the Snoopy MoonSwatch has finally made its grand entrance, landing earlier than suggested but with an impact that resonates through the watchmaking universe.


Swatch's latest collaboration with Omega is a true homage to the full moon, basking in an all-white color scheme that captures the celestial satellite's radiant splendor. While the launch materials remain tight-lipped about the price, one thing is certain: like its predecessors, this Snoopy watch will be a non-limited edition, ensuring that those who miss the initial launch on March 26th will eventually have their chance to secure this heavenly grail.

Mirroring its MoonSwatch brethren, this horological marvel boasts a chronograph function, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. In a groundbreaking move, Swatch has seamlessly integrated a moon phase complication, marking the first time this poetic horological feature has graced a Swatch chronograph. And what better ambassador for this celestial narrative than Snoopy himself, the beloved Peanuts character who lounges upon the lunar surface, adorning the subdial at 2 o'clock?


Bask in the details that make this timepiece a true lunar liaison. The all-white aesthetic extends from the Bioceramic case, crown, and pushers to the VELCRO© strap that embraces your wrist with a space-ready embrace. While the chronograph's seconds hand, subdial hands, and tachymeter-scaled bezel strike a bold contrast in black, the subdials and bezel background maintain their pristine, lunar-inspired hue.


But the magic doesn't stop there. Under the watchful gaze of UV light, a hidden gem emerges – a quote from Snoopy's comic strip nestled amidst crescent moons and twinkling stars, gracing the unique subdial with an enigmatic charm. And as if that weren't enough, the battery cover bears a whimsical touch: a cartoon moon adorned with a Snoopy paw print, a playful nod to the canine's celestial escapades.


Continuing the legacy forged by NASA's Silver Snoopy award, bestowed upon Omega for their contributions to flight safety and mission success, this Snoopy MoonSwatch pays homage to the brand's rich, space-faring heritage. From the iconic Speedmaster logo and the MoonSwatch emblem to the signature "dot over 90" detail on the tachymeter-scaled Bioceramic bezel, every element whispers of Omega's cosmic lineage.


The connection between Snoopy and Omega is long-standing, tracing its roots back to 1970 when Omega received the Silver Snoopy award after the Speedmaster played a vital role during the Apollo 13 mission, serving as a backup to the broken instruments. Jack Swigert used his Speedmaster to time the critical 14-second rocket engine burn, allowing for a safe return to Earth. This historic feat paved the way for Omega to create the first in a series of Snoopy Speedmasters in 2003, commemorating the brand's spacefaring heritage.


But be warned, fellow lunar enthusiasts: this celestial conquest will require a strategic approach. Like its predecessors, the MoonSwatch Mission to Moonphase will be available exclusively at selected Swatch stores, with a strict one-watch-per-person, per-day, per-store policy in effect. So, mark your calendars, and may the cosmic forces be ever in your favor as you embark on this stellar quest!