Coulson Limited Edition Timepiece

Oris Pays Homage To Aerial Firefighting With Coulson Limited Edition Timepiece

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13 Dec 2022 |
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With the help of Coulson Aviation, a company that specialises in aerial firefighting, and a 3D-printed carbon fibre case, Oris is breaking new ground in the watch industry.

The focus of Oris and Coulson Aviation's new relationship is on creativity and protecting the environment. They’re now independently certified as a climate-neutral corporation, and collaborate with pioneering agencies to promote change that will make this planet a better place.

Coulson Aviation

They are ecstatic to announce their new collaboration with Coulson Aviation, the foremost aerial firefighting organisation in the world. Based in Canada, the family-run independent enterprise delivers pilots, planes and equipment to parts of the world devastated by wildfires.

In the Northern Hemisphere summer, that’s largely the US and California; during the Southern Hemisphere’s summer, its resources are shared between Australia and in South America. To safeguard people and ecosystems from harm by putting out flames and aiding firefighters on the ground is the ultimate goal. After starting out as a logging company in 1960, Cliff Coulson's son Wayne has led the company to new heights of success in the field of aerial firefighting through the use of cutting-edge techniques and patented technology.


The Coulson Limited Edition, a collaboration between Oris and Coulson Aviation, features a carbon fibre case and a dial in a fiery orange colour.

Case notes

In homage to the pioneering and risk-taking nature of the two separate businesses, Oris has designed a timepiece based on the Big Crown ProPilot.

Coulson Limited Edition

Its flaming, gradient orange dial is immediately eye-catching and serves as a startling visual metaphor for the dangerous conditions into which Coulson's daring pilots rush while most others are forced to turn away. It is housed in a carbon fibre case made using a patented 3D printing method that has never been used before in the watch industry.

Coulson Aviation

Invented at the famed Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, it prints carbon fibre and a high-grade polymer created for aerospace applications called PEKK simultaneously, weaving them together to form an ultra-lightweight, extremely stiff material. Whereas most carbon fibre watch casings are randomly patterned, this procedure allows you to fix the material's design.

A grey PVD titanium fixed bezel, titanium screw-down crown and case back, and a black textile strap round out the sleek, lightweight design. The entire watch, including the movement, weighs only 65 grammes. Oris has installed their extremely anti-magnetic, five-day automatic Calibre 400 movement within, making it an equally cutting-edge timepiece. The production will only be of 1,000 pieces.

Coulson Limited Edition

What makes this partnership so unique? Britton and Foster Coulson say, “ It began in Australia. Given our shared passions and values, as well as Oris’s aviation links, it just made sense. It’s a real honour to be working with Oris, and with their help, we can start to mitigate against some of the wildfire damage that happens every year. FC: We love the watch, not just because it looks great and tells the story of wildfires, but also because that carbon case is so innovative, one of our core values. Our pilots will be wearing it and I know it’ll give them confidence. In our business, it’s not just about being on time, it’s about being in time.”

Coulson Aviation

With eyes on the skies, this watch is a reminder of not only being on time, but being in time.