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Richemont Launches Enquirus: Digital Platform To Combat Watch And Jewellery Theft

Avani Gangwal
30 Mar 2023 |
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Richemont introduces Enquirus, a digital platform that aims to combat watch and jewellery theft around the world by remaining impartial.

Enquirus was developed in close collaboration with a wide range of partners, including watch and jewellery manufacturers, law enforcement agencies, insurance companies, the pre-owned market, and clients, and is available to all luxury brands. Watch and jewellery information can be uploaded, searched, and shared with multiple parties in this safe environment without compromising the privacy of the users in any way. All collected information is used solely to aid in the recovery of stolen or misplaced property, making the acquisition and resale of such items more difficult.

“This reliable solution brings together multiple stakeholders to serve customers and the entire industry, by facilitating borderless cooperation between police forces and insurance partners. By providing free access for customers and industry partners, the opportunity to sell stolen watches becomes more prohibitive, with the ultimate objective of reducing the incentive to steal watches in the first place”, said Jérôme Lambert, CEO of Richemont.

Here Are the Three Simple Steps to Follow:

Individual and corporate accounts allow watch owners and industry partners to register, report, and search for stolen or misplaced timepieces and jewellery. The procedure is simple and quick:

  1. Sign up and enter the brand and serial numbers to register your items.
  2. Put records in an encrypted online safe
  3. Send in any missing or stolen items

“We have listened to our customers and developed Enquirus, as part of our suite of customer services, to help them protect their watches and jewellery. Our goal is to bring onboard as many industry players as possible, as well as the Police Departments of all the major cities in the world, to make Enquirus the largest international database of lost and stolen watches and jewellery”, said Frank Vivier, Chief Transformation Officer, Richemont.

Richemont Launches Enquirus: Digital Platform To Combat Watch And Jewellery Theft
Customers can quickly reconnect with their lost or stolen items anywhere in the world by registering them on Enquirus. The chances of recovery are greatly improved when law enforcement, insurance companies, Maisons, and the secondary market all share a common database. Those interested in purchasing a pre-owned watch or piece of jewellery can use the search function to verify that the item has not been reported stolen.

In order to streamline the registration process for new customers, the Enquirus intelligent ecosystem has pre-loaded more than 175 high-end watch brands and several premier jewellery brands. All the Richemont Maisons are here, along with some of the biggest names in the watch business. To date, thousands of customers have uploaded their collections, and more than 28,000 pieces of jewellery and watches have been reported stolen or lost.

The Département de Sûreté Territoriale in Paris, as well as the Geneva Police Service des Bijoux department and other European police forces have all signed up with Enquirus and are using the platform to combat the theft and resale of luxury goods. Secured by Design is the official police security initiative owned by the UK Police Service, and Enquirus has received this accreditation. In the upcoming weeks and months, they will be integrating with police agencies all over the world.

Zurich Insurance Group, the largest insurance provider in Switzerland, and LMG Jewellery, the largest organisation in the United Kingdom dedicated to the expert management of insurance claims for jewellery, watches, and other high-value items, are among their current insurance partners. Enquirus's network of partners includes Bonhams, the world's preeminent auction house for fine art and collectibles.

Well, this move will be lauded by the entire watch fraternity.