Roger Dubuis’ Unrivaled Journey In Hyper Horology

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25 Jan 2024 |
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Roger Dubuis coined the term "Hyper Horology" to describe its unique vision that fused boundary-pushing style with next-generation mechanics. And the Excalibur Collection took center stage in manifesting this identity. Executing ever-more daring interpretations, these radical timepieces became synonymous with the Roger Dubuis image.

Watches like the Excalibur Quatuor in 2013 with four sprung balances, the Excalibur Automatic Skeleton in 2015 with peripheral automatic winding, and the Excalibur Aventador S in 2017 with an all-new tourbillon calibre continued pushing the envelope. By incorporating advanced materials like forged carbon, ceramic, and titanium, the brand also gained renown as an engine of material innovation.  

Roger Dubuis

In an effort to convey its disruptive spirit, Roger Dubuis looked to kindred spirits in other industries to collaborate on stunning co-branded editions with Dr. Woo, Pirelli and more! Joining forces with the daring Italian automaker Lamborghini, the brand released exhilarating Excalibur models from the Aventador to the Huracán that fused watchmaking and auto know-how. The disruptive DNA shared by Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini was expressed through shared design cues like angular lines, daring construction, and powerful presence.

Excalibur Aventador S leads the pack by reinterpreting five essential elements of high-performance racing cars resulting in innovative features that are protected by five corresponding watchmaking patent filings by Roger Dubuis.

Excalibur Collection

By boldly going where no other watch brand had gone before, the Excalibur Collection succeeded in defining Roger Dubuis as a force to be reckoned with.

A New Era

In modern times, Roger Dubuis has embarked on a new era while staying true to its distinctive roots. After being acquired by the Richemont Group in 2008, Roger Dubuis has benefited from the resources and expertise of the luxury powerhouse. This support has further empowered the brand's innovative capabilities while amplifying its unique voice.  


One demonstration of this blend of continuity and progress is the Excalibur Huracán Performante. Taking the successful Lamborghini partnership to new heights, this contemporary model has an even sharper, leaner look while incorporating complications like a minute repeater to underline its watchmaking prowess. 


The Excalibur Legacy

Over nearly two decades, the Excalibur Collection has made an indelible impact as Roger Dubuis' signature family of watches. With its distinctive angular case profiles, multi-faceted fluted bezels, and prominence of the Roger Dubuis star, the core Excalibur aesthetic has remained both identifiable and influential. 

Yet over successive generations, the collection has never stood still. Through an array of limited editions, breakthrough designs and world-first complications, the Excalibur has forged new territory that perfectly encapsulates the boundary-breaking mindset of Roger Dubuis.  


These avant-garde models have not only pushed watchmaking forward but changed perceptions of what’s possible in expressing haute horlogerie style. Breaking down barriers between tradition and modernity, technology and craft, the Excalibur Collection has rewritten the rules of contemporary watchmaking.

Excalibur Collection

While anchored in Swiss tradition, the Excalibur Collection has charted its own course. The distinctive Roger Dubuis star perched on the crown serves as a reminder that these are watches that stand apart from the crowd. Much like King Arthur's legendary sword, the Excalibur represents strength, courage, and pioneering vision. As the collection continues charting the future, its quest to conquer new territory never ends.