Watches And Wonders 2024: The Captivating Orbis in Machina by Roger Dubuis

Watches And Wonders 2024: The Captivating Orbis in Machina by Roger Dubuis

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9 Apr 2024 |
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Roger Dubuis has long been synonymous with the bold and the unexpected, a Maison that masterfully blends the finest horological traditions with a relentless pursuit of innovation. As the watchmaking world gathers at Watches & Wonders Geneva 2024, the brand's unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of Hyper Horology™ is once again on full display with the captivating debut of the Orbis in Machina.

Roger Dubuis Machina

Embracing the Duality of Tradition and Innovation:
The Orbis in Machina, aptly named in homage to the revolving nature of the tourbillon and the circular orbit of the watch's display, embodies the duality that lies at the heart of Roger Dubuis' design ethos. This remarkable timepiece is a harmonious fusion of heritage and modernity, where the Maison's iconic tourbillon craftsmanship is elevated through a contemporary and captivating aesthetic.

Roger Dubuis Machina Close-up

Redefining the Central Tourbillon:
At the core of the Orbis in Machina beats the Calibre RD115, a manual-winding Flying Tourbillon movement that showcases Roger Dubuis' profound mastery of this intricate complication. The placement of the tourbillon at the very center of the dial is a bold and innovative choice, challenging the traditional layouts that have long dominated the haute horology landscape. This configuration not only allows for a more captivating display of the mechanism but also presented the watchmakers with the opportunity to reinterpret the overall aesthetic of the timepiece.

Roger Dubuis Machina Caseback

A Celebration of Craftsmanship:
Flip the Orbis in Machina over, and you'll be greeted by a breathtaking display of horological excellence. The transparent caseback offers an unrestricted view into the Maison's meticulous attention to detail, with 19 different finishing techniques, including the elegant perlage, Côte de Genève, and snailing, adorning the movement's surfaces. The Poinçon de Genève certification, one of the most demanding signatures in fine watchmaking, serves as the ultimate testament to Roger Dubuis' uncompromising commitment to quality craftsmanship.