Watches And Wonders 2024: A Symphony of Heritage And Innovation Enlivens TAG Heuer’s Monaco Split-Seconds Chronograph

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9 Apr 2024 |
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TAG Heuer has always been associated with Haute Horlogerie d’Avant-Garde. Be it path breaking movements that push the boundaries of traditional watchmaking or its affinity for motor racing inspired timepieces that measure time with astounding accuracy, TAG Heuer has become synonymous with innovation in the field of racing. Building upon the prestigious legacy that the brand has accumulated over the years, it has created an updated version of its iconic timepiece the Monaco Split-Seconds Chronograph at  Watches And Wonders 2024. Nothing short of a horological masterpiece, the watch is destined to captivate connoisseurs, collectors and watch enthusiasts with its spectacular movement and stunning design. 

TAG Heuer Monaco Split-Seconds Chronograph

A Brand Steeped In History 
The rich heritage of TAG Heuer’s split-seconds chronograph watches dates back over a century. The Mikrograph introduced in 1916 marked a pivotal moment in TAG Heuer's history, by recording 1/100th of a second and went on to become the preferred timekeeping device at the Olympic Games in the 1920s and 1930s. In 1989, TAG Heuer introduced a quartz split-seconds chronograph wristwatch, gaining immense popularity, especially among racing legends like Ayrton Senna, Gerhard Berger and Michael Schumacher throughout the 1990s. Adding to this illustrious lineup of exceptional watchmaking is the Monaco Split-Seconds Chronograph. 

TAG Heuer Monaco Split-Seconds Chronograph Red Hour Markers

As a symbol of contrarian design, the square shape of the Monaco Split Seconds is instantly recognizable. By reviewing its architecture and using light materials such as grade-5 titanium, the timepiece only weighs a mere 85 grams and achieves a singular appearance where sapphire crystal and transparency play a central role. Fusing titanium and sapphire together, the timepiece impresses with its case crafted from a combination of half of each, enhancing its uniqueness.   

Master Of Materials
The dial, also crafted from sapphire crystal, is not to be overlooked, marrying functionality with aesthetics. This transparent canvas not only showcases the delicate workings beneath but also ensures absolute legibility for accurate timekeeping. The red Monaco’s dial arches are executed with fine brushing and black DLC-coating, a nod to the finishing of the watch's lightweight titanium case. The titanium-cased blue variant showcases gradient blue dial arches, transitioning from a light blue hue at the top to a richer royal blue at the bottom, giving the watch a sense of animation and movement even whilst static. 

TAG Heuer Monaco Split-Seconds Chronograph Caseback


The watch presents itself in two distinct color options: a dynamic and sporty red variation inspired by the racing DNA of the Maison, and a classic, timeless blue version, paying homage to the original color code of the Monaco. The caseback, a portal to the soul of the watch, is crafted entirely from sapphire crystal, offering an unobstructed view of the intricate TH81-00 caliber within, creating a mesmerizing visual experience. The transparent caseback is ingeniously designed to give the impression of a floating oscillating weight, emphasizing the watch's sophisticated architecture. 

TAG Heuer Monaco Split-Seconds Chronograp Caseback 2

The oscillating weight is fashioned in TAG Heuer’s shield shape and features a brushed finish as well as a hand-painted powerful red or blue gradient, a design signature reserved for its most exclusive timepieces. The checkerboard pattern, another signature element, on the center bridge and the fine brushed balance wheel bridge with its polished bevels are all hand-made.

TAG Heuer Monaco Split-Seconds Chronograph Dial

Made For Victory
At the heart of the TAG Heuer Monaco Split-Seconds Chronograph is the newly launched TH81-00 mechanical split-seconds chronograph caliber. Crafted entirely in titanium, it is the lightest automatic chronograph movement ever created by TAG Heuer in partnership with the esteemed manufacturer Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier. Sandblasted surfaces and polished screws further accentuate the expert craftsmanship that went into the movement finishes. With such meticulous design and inventive approach, it is safe to assume that the Monaco Split Seconds will go on to become a symbol of precise watchmaking in the years to come.