44GS Limited Edition Watch

The 55th Anniversary 44GS Limited Edition Grand Seiko: Clouds In Shinshu On Your Wrist

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15 Jul 2022 |
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Watch collectors are beginning to value quartz movements more and more. This is primarily due to Grand Seiko's exquisite 9F movements, in my view. Grand Seiko, with its renowned high-end quartz calibers, is reviving interest in this movement style. We’ve all credited Breitling's SuperQuartz, Rolex's OysterQuartz, F.P. Journe's caliber 1210, and other luxury timepieces. But, the OysterQuartz was discontinued by Rolex about 20 years ago, and the SuperQuartz is used by Breitling mostly in digital watches. Grand Seiko, on the other hand, continues to incorporate the 9F caliber into its enticing new offerings.

Grand Seiko 44GS Limited Edition Watch

The "Grand Seiko Style," a collection of nine design principles that gave Grand Seiko its distinctive look and continues to inspire new creations today, was initially represented in the 1967 44GS watch. Seiko's Taro Tanaka came up with the 44GS, or Grand Seiko Style, in 1967. Grand Seiko wanted to commemorate the occasion "in style," thus they created the stunning 40mm Grand Seiko reference SBGP017. Officially known as the "44GS 55th Anniversary Limited Edition," it is a part of the Heritage Collection.

All About The Textural Dial

Grand Seiko's 44GS-style design isn't the only thing that attracts most people to the brand. The magicians at Grand Seiko are known for their craft showcased on the dial, and the SBGP017 is a prime example.

Grand Seiko 44GS Limited Edition Watch Dial

The dial is just as impressive as the caliber that powers this level of precision. On some mornings in Shinshu, the place where this and all Grand Seiko quartz watches are created, a sea of clouds forms around the mountains. It is very uncommon for Shinshu's lowlands to be blanketed in dense clouds that stretch as far as the eye can see and are tinged blue due to the reflection of the pristine skies above them.

Grand Seiko 44GS Limited Edition Watch Front

The watch's Caliber 9F85 movement has been upgraded to improve its precision to +5 to -5 seconds per year. Quartz crystals that have been aged and then carefully selected for their specific performance qualities are used to accomplish this high precision rate. Every aspect of the watch's functionality demonstrates the same dedication to precision. The time difference adjustment mechanism allows for the hour hand to be adjusted without halting the second hand, thereby maintaining its excellent precision when the wearer moves time zones. The second hand is free of tremors thanks to an automatic backlash adjustment mechanism. Within a split second, the year's calendar is transformed into a completely new year. Time can be easily read thanks to a twin-pulse control system that stretches the minute and second hands out to their full length.

Grand Seiko 44GS Limited Edition Watch Caseback
The use of sharp edges and flat surfaces, which are key to the "Grand Seiko Style," gives the new design a rich "sparkle of quality." Design elements like the case's Zaratsu polished and hairline finished surfaces are seen throughout. The Grand Seiko Boutiques and selected dealers worldwide will have a limited supply of 2,000 of this new addition to the Heritage Collection now.

Approximate recommended retail price in Europe: €3,800/ INR 303475 approximately.