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The Roger Dubuis Monovertex Splits Second Chronograph Displaying Hyper-Horology

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28 Mar 2023 |
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Roger Dubuis is an entirely unique breed of a watchmaker. The Maison has conceived and committed itself to a radical and uncompromising approach, known as Hyper HorologyTM, in an effort to push boundaries and drive tradition into an expressive and contemporary new era.

Craftsmanship, performance, and innovation drive this bold form of watchmaking into the future with a dash of insanity, hedonism, and liberation. Now, in 2023, at Watches & Wonders Geneva, Roger Dubuis is making yet another ground-breaking advance.

Roger_Dubuis_Monovortex_Split_Seconds_Chronograph_3840x2160_3.jpg - HD

Here's something new: the Split-Seconds Chronograph from MonovortexTM. By mastering the forces of gravity and reimagining the tourbillon and the oscillating mass, Roger Dubuis has created a groundbreaking creation watch that features an innovative take on one of the most difficult traditional fine watchmaking complications: the Split-Seconds Chronograph. Don't let your feet go off the ground. You have arrived at uncharted territory in Hyper HorologyTM.

Walking Down History

Since its founding in 1995, Roger Dubuis has relied solely on the highest standards of craftsmanship. Skeletonized calibres are the Maison's speciality, and they've worked tirelessly to improve their horological craft in the name of performance, earning them the coveted Poinçon de Genève seal of approval from the start. Even more so, Roger Dubuis is one of the few watchmakers to have accomplished the "big four" complications in just 10 years, and he has since reinterpreted each one with his own elevated standards of savoir-faire, making them all the more impressive for it.

The Roger Dubuis Monovertex Splits Second Chronograph Displaying Hyper-Horology

However, the Maison's unique perspective extends far beyond simple problem solving. Roger Dubuis is known for his constant stream of ground-breaking innovations, but he is also dedicated to extensive R&D, which has resulted in groundbreaking advances in design and technology. Expertise, if you will. You could say she's obsessed. Don't ever think of it as routine.

Unveiling The Future

Now, let's continue on our way. Roger Dubuis has introduced a futuristic-looking watch called the MonovortexTM Split-Seconds Chronograph. The watch is stunning in its attention to detail as it displays some of the finest innovations of future watchmaking, which were designed with thrill-seekers and experts in advanced mechanics in mind. The reintroduction of the Split-Seconds Chronograph, the Maison's signature complication, and Roger Dubuis' never-ending quest to defy gravity serve as the watch's driving forces.

In Defiance Of, And Control Of, Gravity

Gravity is an imprecise force that can also produce useful energy. Roger Dubuis used both effects to great effect in this groundbreaking concept watch, which reimagined gravity regulation on the one hand and harnessed its full power on the other. Roger Dubuis's signature complication, the Tourbillon, has defied the complex realm of physics after years of research and trial and error. The Tourbillon is widely recognised as one of the most formidable obstacles in the watchmaking industry. While most Tourbillons only counteract gravity's effects along one axis, Roger Dubuis's creation uses all six sides to do so. The watch's precision is safeguarded by a Conical MonovortexTM Tourbillon, located at 9 o'clock, whose trajectory is 360 degrees, regardless of how the wearer's wrist is positioned. The watch's mechanism for controlling time has been effectively reimagined.

The Roger Dubuis Monovertex Splits Second Chronograph Displaying Hyper-Horology

Roger Dubuis, with its own unique approach to problem-solving, independently decided to make the most of the benefits gravity can provide. The Turborotor Cylindrical Oscillating Weight is the result of years of study and over 8 months of technical optimisation. This unexpected part is vertically positioned at 12 o'clock, where all of gravity's pull can be felt like a spinning barrel pressing down on the design. This keeps the watch wound efficiently by harnessing the force of gravity and is more in tune with the wearer's natural wrist motions. Indisputable evidence of unprecedented mastery of gravity.

The Return of the Split-Second

The RD114 calibre powers the MonovortexTM Split-Seconds Chronograph, which also marks the return of a Roger Dubuis classic complication. Ingeniously built with a double column wheel system, it is further improved by a 120° RMC, or Rotating Minute Counter. The counter, which can be found at 3 o'clock, has an unusual isotoxal shape and adds a touch of playfulness to the design of the mechanism. The display, which is protected by patent, uses a tripartite hand to accurately rotate past the 0-9 digits on the right. Turn on the stopwatch to see how the RMC stacks up against the clock. A risky and elaborate new approach. Take a peek at the complexity through the caseback—a it's nod to our continued connection with time-honored trades. To keep track of every exciting second, we designed the Hyper HorologyTM rattrapante- your shot at Hyper Life.

The Roger Dubuis Monovertex Splits Second Chronograph Displaying Hyper-Horology

Finally, the tachymeter scale's highlighted 88 is a nice touch. A tribute to Mr. Roger Dubuis, who considered the number eight to be auspicious and whose first in-house calibre was a Chronograph.

Materials Expertise

Of course, aesthetic appeal is also important. The captivating design of this timepiece features a 47mm case made of high-tech MCF and a play on the symmetry of the movement (Mineral Composite Fibre). This unique material, created by Roger Dubuis, is 13% lighter than carbon and 2.5 times lighter than ceramic. That makes them more suitable for everyday use and more comfortable to wear. It has taken years of research and development, but finally, this strong but lightweight material is available in the eye-catching color red. Roger Dubuis, as usual, spared no expense when it came to aesthetics.

The Roger Dubuis Monovertex Splits Second Chronograph Displaying Hyper-Horology

Activating red is paired with pink gold, titanium with black and grey coatings, and carbon accents. For a more streamlined appearance, the winding bail and minimalist pushers have also been concealed. In fact, they haven't missed a single thing. This exciting timepiece, which looks great on its perforated bi-material strap, features a modern power reserve indicator with a visible barrel for a clever optical effect.

Take A Leap Into Tomorrow

Roger Dubuis has turned Sir Isaac Newton's game of gravity on its head. Now we're going to look into the future. To an alternate reality where Hyper HorologyTM alters the parameters of what is possible. Beyond the realm of ideas. This is a sample of the Maison's past, present, and future endeavours.

At Watches and Wonders 2023, you can see the MonovortexTM Split-Seconds Chronograph for the first time. It will be located in the Maison's Hyper Life Factory, a one-of-a-kind spot that will transport guests into the extravagant world of Hyper HorologyTM. Come on in and let the pull of gravity captivate you.