Watches And Wonders 2024: Trilobe's Celestial Timepieces Take Us To The Stars

Watches And Wonders 2024: Trilobe's Celestial Timepieces Take Us To The Stars

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11 Apr 2024 |
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At Watches & Wonders 2024, Trilobe unveiled a collection that pushes the boundaries of artistic watchmaking and metaphysical timekeeping. Their new "L'Heure Exquise" line is an enchanting exploration of mankind's eternal fascination with the celestial bodies that govern the cycles of time itself.

Trilobe L'Heure Exquise

Building upon the eccentric wandering time display pioneered in their debut "Les Matinaux" range, the L'Heure Exquise models incorporate intricate astronomical complications. The star is unquestionably the flagship piece featuring an innovative co-axial moon phase linked to the running seconds. Two laser-engraved moons chase each other across the dial, their positions calculated by a 59-tooth gear representing the 29.5 day lunar cycle.

Trilobe L'Heure Exquise Wrist shot

But the real star (pun intended) is the tiny twinkling "stars" decorating the off-center seconds sub-dial. Rendered in vivid blue sapphire crystal, these celestial twinkles come alive in a hypnotic waltz as the disc rotates, creating a captivating optical illusion akin to a starry night sky. It's pure visual magic that epitomizes Trilobe's mission to "re-enchant our relationship with time."

The L'Heure Exquise retains core design elements like the multi-layer wandering hour/minute rings and iconic trilobite hour markers, but with handsome refinements. The single unified trilobite hand is more minimalist, while the canted numeral fonts seem to spiral in harmony with the rotating discs. Case sizes are also pleasingly larger at 42mm.

Trilobe L'Heure Exquise Close-up

But the real showstopper is the "Secret" edition that elevates this collection from mere horology to emotional storytelling. Instead of a generic starfield, owners can customize the seconds disc with a personalized star map frozen at a specific moment and location - a wedding night, child's birth, or any other meaningful event. This sentimental star map glows when activated by UV light, allowing you to eternally preserve priceless moments as they appeared in the cosmos.

Trilobe L'Heure Exquise Profile

With such romantic celestial artistry, the L'Heure Exquise cements Trilobe's avant-garde spirit and ambition to rethink how we experience the fundamental concept of time. These aren't just timepieces, they are instruments to reconnect us with the rhythms of the universe and our minuscule place within its grand cosmic scales.

By tying time to the cycles of the moon and the infinite ballet of stars, Trilobe has crafted objects of desire that tap into humanity's ageless sense of wonder with the night sky. We instinctively feel smaller yet entranced by celestial events like eclipses and constellations - reminders that our perception of time is merely an illusion, a fleeting convenience measured against the cosmic clock.

Trilobe L'Heure Exquise Caseback

With its inspired blend of high horology, emotional storytelling, and exploratory spirit, the L'Heure Exquise collection elevates Trilobe into the pantheon of avant-garde independent watchmaking. These are timekeepers for modern-day stargazers who find poetry in the heavens.