Curating The Top 10 Watches You Can Buy Under Rs. 1 Lakh

Curating The Top 10 Watches You Can Buy Under Rs. 1 Lakh

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29 Feb 2024 |
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More often than not, within us watch snobs, there arises a relish for hunting timepieces that might aptly be stamped ‘value propositions.’ By this, I don't merely refer to affordability, but rather, demand exceptional value, proportionate with the asking price.

One of the most popular areas of interest and discussion in the watch world is this never-ending search for affordable or value timepieces. When the budget stretches to around ₹1 lakh, you can get really the cream of entry-level Swiss and Japanese offerings, from brands with legacies marching centuries ago. But, do they really make fine collectibles and get you a coveted connoisseur repute, at let’s say something like a RedBar event? Well, that’s the question we need to tackle.

Hence, for graduating to the realms of a purist collector, try out from the following top 10 best value watches that you can buy at around ₹1 lakh.

Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical 38mm

As an entry level affordable Swiss timepiece, the Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical ticks all the possible boxes. From the proportions to the case finish, the functional dial aesthetic to the reliable hand wound caliber, the Khaki Field Mechanical in 38mm is an irresistible treat available at an indisputable value, close to ₹50,000.


Baltic MR01 Salmon

Everywhere in watchmaking, quality comes at a price. But, still there are instances that conflict with the analogy and one such fine example is the Baltic MR01. This French-based horological inception might not have the legacy upper hand of let’s say the Maisons forming the unofficial cult of the Holy Trinity, but it has the looks and the tricks that serve it an essence which is much closer.


The Baltic MR01 Salmon is a 36mm sober dress watch that comes paired with a wonderful-for-its-price micro-rotor movement. Prices start at ₹50,000. Try resisting that!


Seagull 1963

In watchmaking, there are select watches that tend to develop complicated reputations that reach levels of cult like enthusiasm. As an ideal blueprint of this, we need to take a look at the Seagull 1963 chronograph. Although a complete anomaly by all means when we think about the current market inclination of the industry, this timepiece is perhaps the most attainable mechanical chronograph movement for the money, at just ₹35,000.


Although it runs on a ‘Chinese copy’ of the revered Venus 175 Swiss caliber, it does offer all the practical and aesthetic quirks you can expect from any entry level mechanical timepiece. True value doesn’t get better than this.


Doxa Sub 200

Doxa has a ton of reputation when it comes to dive watches. However, for those with lesser tendencies for aquatic adventure, it might even be unknown. But to discredit the Doxa Sub 200 for its lack of heritage would be like canceling a good old Volvo just because Ferrari is the only car brand familiar to you. The Sub 200 is a funky and colorful timepiece with an unmatched tool-watch appeal that will set you back way less than you’d have imagined. Prices start at around ₹1,00,000.


Longines Conquest Quartz

Longines' name atop a Swiss Made label is a dream watch recipe. The Conquest Quartz is a Swiss watch hack that comes packed with all the good stuff without you having to pay a premium price. Anyone might think of Longines as a prestigious Swiss watch manufacturer with a catalog offering fine timepieces in the range of tens of lakhs. But when a classic steel case gets married with a Swiss quartz caliber, the 41mm Conquest quartz is conceived, carrying extra high quality that one can expect from Longines. It could be yours at just ₹82,000.


Tissot Seastar 1000 Powermatic 80

The Tissot Seastar falls under the category of ‘legitimately cool’ timepieces. It is the only true ‘sporty watch’ you’ll find under 1 lakh, well surely along with the million iterations of the G-Shock. Powered by a reliable and impressive Powermatic 80 movement, a modified ETA 2824-2, the Tissot Seastar 1000 Powermatic 80 gives an impressive depth rating of 300 meters. Take that in Omega and Rolex. Also, in heritage terms, Tissot almost equals Omega and beats Rolex by more than half a century having been founded in 1853. It retails at ₹72,000.


Ikepod Duopod White Lines 016

When you’ve successfully ventured the hyped corners and savored the delectable tastes of Rolexes, Pateks and RMs, does it mark an end to your collecting enthusiasm? Well no, with watches like the Ikepod Duopod White Lines 016 out there, your passion finds renewed sustenance. When watch designers care more about what’s on the outside than the inside, you get quirky but irresistibly cute timepieces like the Ikepod. The lugless pebble-like design might be obscure but it does activate the drowsing neurons within our brains to an extent that it feels instantly exciting. Available at ₹65,000.


Tissot PRX Powermatic 80

With the number and levels of pleasures it delivers, the Tissot PRX can make every grown man feel like a kid in a theme park. Brimming with all the possible ingredients of a modern-era stainless steel sports watch, the Tissot PRX shines for its pedigree and as the cherry on top, a true heritage. The Tissot PRX is proof that watch collecting needn’t necessarily be expensive. Get it at ₹66,000.


Seiko Prospex SPB121J1 Alpinist

As a timepiece packed with features and dripping peak build quality, the Seiko SPB121J1, the Prospex Alpinist, features a unique to the range internal crown driven bezel. The dial and its furniture, occurring in a contrast of gold against green, is a treat for the eye. Even for its mountaineering tool watch essence, the timepiece is over-engineered with technology, such as 200 meters of water resistance. The abundance of quality features and an interesting color scheme makes it an interesting purchase, both to please the head and the heart. Get yours at ₹62,000.


Christopher Ward The Twelve

Christopher Ward’s The Twelve is the best thing you can buy for less than 1 lakh. While the prices of the big boys from the ‘Genta tribe’ continue to slide upwards, The Twelve offers cult-favorite looks at a fraction. This watch, whose name comes from the dozen edges on the bezel, doesn't bleed the wallet for the fine watchmaking privilege it beckons you to embrace. Although Christopher Ward’s The Twelve is hardly original in design, it doesn’t shy away in expressing its inspirations and even takes the same a little further with a bunch of original features. At its price point, it serves the impression of offering pure horological ecstasy, although borrowed but masterfully executed to perfection. Prices start at around ₹89,000.


Well, if you want to get a little tickle of a great quality timepiece, with all of its ‘finnisage’, as the French call it, you ought to spend nothing more than ₹1 lakh and get yourself something that is truly good value, something from the list above.