Bringing The Bling To Hip Hop: Why Celebs Gravitate Towards Jacob & Co.?

Bringing The Bling To Hip Hop: Why Celebs Gravitate Towards Jacob & Co.?

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28 Mar 2024 |
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…I just wanted to dance, I went to Jacob an hour
After I got my advance, I just wanted to shine…

Kanye candidly enchanted us with these lyrical chants in “Touch the Sky” and left us contemplating that, why is it that Jacob has somewhat become second nature with lavish and extravagant lifestyles!

Well, in a world where flashy is an ambition, Jacob & Co. stands as the undisputed King of Bling, the Master of Ice and curator of the ultra-fine. His brand has attracted everyone from royalty to rappers and film stars to footballers. The story of the Uzbek immigrant to New York is a testament to the realization of the American Dream and since then, he has conquered the diamond district and earned his credentials as the go-to jeweler for the ultra-rich.

arabo family.jpg
Jacob Arabo's family immigrated from Soviet Uzbekistan to the USA in 1979. Pictured from left to right - Benjamin Arabo, Jacob Arabo and Nison Arabov, three generations of the Arabov house.The Idea of Bling: All That Glitters is Jacob & Co.
Jacob Arabo is hip hop’s diamond king and the founding father of bling. Adorning a Jacob timepiece is the ultimate flossing. For someone who owns the ultra rare and even the super-exclusive, a collection without a Jacob & Co. timepiece might seem muted. It is Jacob that put ice on the map and when you have names like Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Ronaldo, Rihanna or Kanye vouch for you, it signifies you mean business.
According to those who have indulged with Jacob Arabo, it is the design of his pieces and the way he treats his clients that made him shine on the map. From his humble origin story to an undying passion for his work, Arabo quickly rose to ranks in the 47th street of New York’s Diamond District and his crazy designs, which smelled entertainment were fit for the rap royalty of the early 90s.

jacob and clients.jpg
Jacob Arabov with Jay-Z (left). Arabov with David Bechkam and Elton John (right).Jacob & Co.: When You Dress all A-Listers
Jacob the Jeweller has transitioned into Jacob the Watchmaker, a horologist of exceptional credibility and the creator of some crazy complications. Obviously, the codes of Jacob’s creations are somewhat deviant from classic watchmaking, yet the magnitude of mechanical complexity bearing within the blingy aesthetics is somewhat hard to miss and impossible to not appreciate. I mean, Jacob spills out tripe-axis tourbillons like it’s nothing!

Early 2000s saw the name Jacob populating the rap lyrics of the greatest stars. Owning a Jacob piece was the imperative key to mark the passage into hip-hop royalty. From the diamond king to an accredited horologist, Jacob Arabo was the one to create timepieces that the Swiss could not imagine, hardly even realize at the time. ‘Jacob the Jeweler's’ success demonstrated that one can achieve greatness in a predominantly exclusive watch industry without being a part of its inner circle.
Let's take a dive into the world of some extraordinary timepieces owned by renowned figures, courtesy of Jacob & Co.

Floyd Mayweather - Jacob & Co. Billionaire
No watch is a greater flex than the Jacob & Co. Billionaire. This iced-out-to-the-max timepiece proudly adorned by Floyd features 260 emerald cut diamonds encrusted on an 18-carat white gold case. No surprise we know Floyd as ‘Money Mayweather’.

Conor McGregor - Jacob & Co. Astronomia ‘Baguette’ Tourbillon
When you’re known as the ‘Notorious’, it's rare that you consult your local AD to buy yourself a fitting timepiece. Jacob Arabo is your go-to man and his Astronomia ‘Baguette’ Tourbillon is a worthy watch for the former Featherweight and Lightweight UFC Champion you.

Drake - Jacob & Co. Astronomia Casino
High fashion and Drake have a long-term affinity. So does his passion for casinos. What we find as a prized piece on his wrist is the Jacob & Co. Astronomia Casino. His choice of adornment for ultra-suave events, the Jacob timepiece is a classic case example of ultra vogue and blingy aesthetics paired with superlative mechanical complexity.

Cristiano Ronaldo - Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon Baguette
The Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon Baguette retails for the price of the successor of Bugatti Chiron. When a watch like this is born, only the privileged get a chance to sport it. The football sensation and probably one of the greatest athletes of his era, Cristiano Ronaldo has a soft spot for Jacob &Co.’s marvelous creations and the Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon Baguette is the best of his lot.

Jay-Z - Jacob & Co. Mystery Tourbillon Rainbow
Rapper Jay-Z is a serious connoisseur of ultra-fine watchmaking and his collection is as illustrious and vibrant as his music career. His limited-edition Mystery Tourbillon Rainbow from Jacob & Co. features a case drenched with 550 exquisite gems in hexagon and baguette cuts. We need not even guess the carats on the piece, it’s definitely droolworthy territory.

Celebrities and their Jacob & Co. timepieces. Left to right - Floyd Mayweather, Conor Mc Gregor, Drake, Cristiano Ronaldo and Jay-Z.The Highest Echelon of Luxury
For the affluent, luxury isn’t merely a possession of things, but rather a recognition for their elevated lifestyles. When everyday commodities exude an aura of prestige that sets a tone for differentiation, it signals not only a reward in itself, but a higher status of being. Jacob & Co. watches are beyond mere timekeepers. They set a call to action for greater strivings and higher aspirations that the nobility of each domain must ensue. Within their confined limits of space, these masterpieces set a benchmark for extravagance and make us mere mortals dream of higher luxury, a luxury beyond supercars, yachts and high wages, a luxury defined by a social order where one acquires what he desires.