When You Become A Mom, You Will Know: Celebrating Mother’s Day With Powerhouses From Across The Globe And Discussing Time


On this Mother's Day, we remember the incredible journey of motherhood and the boundless love, sacrifice, and devotion it requires. Being a mother is one of the most fulfilling and taxing occupations, requiring unending energy, tolerance, and organization. And being a working mom? That’s a feat to accomplish! Despite the challenges they face, mothers take pleasure in life's simplest pleasures and treasure the time they spend with their children. And what better way to preserve those memories than with an heirloom watch that can be passed down through the ages?

To celebrate the person who needs to be celebrated every day - The Hour Markers hosted a chat with the ladies from different walks of life. The moms included Nikki Rajan, Roshni Barodia, Arwa Safri Kapoor, Kirti Makhijani, Barbara Palumbo, Shaira Khemlani, Dr. Rashika Vijan, Trisha Vaidya, Charmi Vadhyar, Khushnuma Master and more! Interesting fact: We had moms with kids who are just 3 months old to those in their teen years!

When a room full of powerhouses gets together, there are certainly going to be great conversations, hearty laughs, and capturing a special moment in time. Let’s see how the conversation unfolded.

Do you agree when we say, it’s all about time management if you’re a mother? Well, these working moms take us through their journey on how they strike that balance while also being able to ace it professionally, one day at a time.

On Changes On The Personal & Professional Front

How has life changed for these working moms?

Sharing her thoughts Shaira Khemlani, Customer Success Manager at Udemy said, “Before being a mom, I did not have to think about how to manage time for my hobbies, meet friends, or the things I had to do. After being a mum, I’m a firm believer that you can still pursue your passions and plan things for me-time, and it’s all about time management.”

Shaira Khemlani, Customer Success Manager at Udemy Shaira Khemlani, Customer Success Manager at Udemy

But, a few moms thought, motherhood gave them more freedom. Nikki Rajan, Director at Time Avenue said, “I’ve been a working mom for the past 22 years. However, I feel the opposite of Shaira. When I became a mom, I could take a leave from work because I wanted to and my kids needed me. I took it easy and I’m enjoying my time with the kids.”

Nikki Rajan, Director at Time Avenue Nikki Rajan, Director at Time Avenue

Barbara Palumbo, co-host of the Scottish Watches podcast shared her journey of being a single mom. She said, “I always wanted to be a journalist. When I worked with jewelry brands, I traveled for almost 4-5 days a week when my youngest kid was just 2 years old. It was devastating and made me feel guilty. But I realized that we are raising our kids to be independent. Someone pulled me aside and said that my kids wouldn’t remember the times that you’re not around but the valuable moments that you shared with them when you are around. That stuck with me!”

Barbara Palumbo, veteran in the watches and jewelry industry, Co-host Scottish Watches Podcast Barbara Palumbo, veteran in the watches and jewelry industry, Co-host Scottish Watches Podcast

“It’s never easy being a working mom, but it’s beautiful. I love spending time with my son every night. Time management comes in handy and it can’t get any better. The influence of a mother in the house is imperative in building your child’s personality”, added Dr. Rashika Vijan, Founder of Dr. Rashika Vijan Dental Studio.

Dr. Rashika Vijan Founder of Dr. Rashika Vijan Dental Studio Dr. Rashika Vijan Founder of Dr. Rashika Vijan Dental Studio

When managing kids it all depends on your support system. Sharing her thoughts, Charmi Vadhyar, Proprietor of Above and Beyond Holidays said, “I’ve been lucky to have a great support system at home. I do things that I did even before I had my twin boys. You have to work your schedule around your kids and spend quality time with them.”

Charmi Vadhyar, Proprietor of Above and Beyond Holidays Charmi Vadhyar, Proprietor of Above and Beyond Holidays

Well, these moms talk from experience. But what did the new moms have to say? Arwa Safri Kapoor who has been working at a luxury brand for the past 13 years, said, “It’s been a rollercoaster ride. My daughter was born early this year and a show was just around the corner. For the first time in my life, I’m taking a leap of faith and quitting my current workplace, and moving on to a different position with greater opportunities. It’s all happening because of my daughter’s existence in my life!”

Arwa Safri Kapoor Arwa Safri Kapoor

Roshni Barodia, a partner at Gangoly Watch and Eyewear, Delhi, said, “Not much has changed for me because I started work only after they were born. My kids have become more independent and I’m more confident now!”

Roshni Barodia, a partner at Gangoly Watch and Eyewear, Delhi Roshni Barodia, a partner at Gangoly Watch and Eyewear, Delhi

Khushnuma, a hair and makeup artist, also resonated with these women. She said, “There’s a newfound respect for homemakers because they have so much to do. But with the right support system, it’s all manageable. I’m independent and my kids also understand that I need to work. I spend time with them and bringing them up all alone was quite a feat. But it’s all possible!”

Khushnuma, a hair and makeup artist Khushnuma, a hair and makeup artist

Trisha Vaidya, a new mom too also said, “Yes a lot has changed but it’s all been great. I returned to work very quickly because I have a great support system. However, it’s overwhelming the kind of love and affection you can feel for someone who’s just 4 months old but it’s amazing. I look forward to the months and years ahead with my little one!”

Trisha Vaidya, Advisor to Globalbees & Trell Trisha Vaidya, Advisor to Globalbees & Trell

Kirti Makhijani, Managing Partner at Simone Ventures Pvt Ltd, said, “I had a lot of guilt being a working mom which I’m over now because my son turns around and tells me that he’s proud of me. While he was growing up and I missed a school event, it was tough, but all-in-all it’s been great.”

Kirti Makhijani, Managing Partner at Simone Ventures Pvt Ltd Kirti Makhijani, Managing Partner at Simone Ventures Pvt Ltd

And Now Talking Watches

We’ve always heard about father’s passing down watches to their children. But, our moms here, had some special watches that they would want to pass down to their kids. Let’s see what the picks were!

Kirti: My first-steel Oyster Perpetual Rolex is what I’d hand down to my son.

Oyster Perpetual Rolex

Rashika: My first watch was also a steel Rolex gifted by my husband in 2003 holding a sentimental value but in a smaller size which I’d probably hand down to my daughter-in-law. And the one I’d pass down to my son on his 16th birthday would be my steel-gold Rolex with diamonds. This watch holds a special place in my heart since it was bought with my personal earnings in 2012.


Nikki: While my girls are spoilt for choice and they can have it all. But my favorite picks for them would be a Hublot or Rolex Cosmograph Daytona.

Hublot & Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

Barbara: My son has been wearing watches since he was 8. Very recently, I bought by son and my daughter the Moonswatch: Mission To The Sun, Mission To Jupiter, and the Mission To Earth for myself! We’re a family of watches! But I’d give my daughter one of the Jaeger-LeCoultre steel Reversos that I have in my collection. My son would get the timepiece that was designed as a collaboration with Out Of Order for my birthday!

Jaeger-LeCoultre steel Reverso & Out Of Order Watch

Roshni: It’ll definitely be the Audemars Piguet or Rolex Day-Date!

Audemars Piguet & Rolex Day-Date

Khushnuma: I would love to gift my kids a Tag Heuer watch. But, my husband has a vintage Rado and Seiko watch which he’d like to pass down to his boys.


And then we got into a discussion on the battle of small dials vs big dials! Would you buy a watch with bigger dials and which is not “Pink It, Shrink It”?

Barbara said, “Yes I’d agree that women enjoy wearing larger dials. But men in Europe and America, are going back to the 36mm size. Today’s generation doesn’t associate pink with girls. The gender barriers are slowly breaking and there’s no need to de-labelise anything. We can see many men wearing pearls and diamond-studded watches. We can see a jewelry-watch crossover with men and not just women. Views are changing and you cannot put a watch-buyer in the box.”

Kirti also shares her views on this. She said, “I felt a huge trend with women switching to larger dials. But India as a country is quite conservative. There are still a handful of women who come into the boutique looking for a 34mm or 36mm watch. It’s a very small percentage of people who enjoy wearing larger dials.”

“I feel women want everything. They want the small-sized to the larger dials. My Panerai which I bought comes with a pink strap and I wear it in black and white. Now people want to have an entire collection and do not only want to buy jewelry. They rather wear watches and invest in them rather than buy jewelry that is kept in lockers”, Nikki added.


Watches and jewelry, well that’s an interesting subject to explore, particularly in India. With the constant debate on what’s a more viable investment option, these two luxury products will always stay close to a woman’s heart. Well, those were some interesting and heart-to-heart conversations with these amazing women! Like a watch that never stops, our moms are there to keep us on track and appreciate every second of our lives. Time spent with moms is invaluable and a reminder that the clock is ticking. So, let’s make the most of every moment to thank them, cheer them on, and show them how much they mean to us, through our undivided attention and affection. Happy Mother’s Day to you all!