Armin Storm Tribute 1 California

Taking the watch industry by storm yet again is the Armin Storm Tribute 1 California! The Armin Strom Tribute 1 California boasts of a California-style dial in a selection of five fumé colours that stand out against the black guilloché plate, continuing the brand’s eye-catching blend of tradition and transparent mechanics. Each colour option was manufactured in a five-piece limited edition.

The California Dial: Rebirth of A Design

The latest iteration of Armin Strom’s renowned modern dress watch, the Tribute 1, gets its name from the so-called California dial, which features alternating Roman and Arabic numbers. The dial, which comes in five different colours, also has bar markings and a minute ring that looks like a train track.

Armin Storm Tribute 1 California- Light Blue Dial
Armin Storm Tribute 1 California- Light Blue Dial

The popular California dial style dates back to the 1930s, and with its distinct presentation on the coloured dials, it provides each proud owner with a wristwatch of distinction and a sense of exclusivity. The Tribute 1 California is resolutely modern, with the barrel visible on the dial, but the California dial adds a charming retro flare.

Armin Storm Tribute 1- The modern dress watch

Exceptional hand finishing and traditional production values

The Finnish mastermind Kari Voutilainen, also personal friend of the brand, has handcrafted the black guilloché plate that you see here. With that exceptional hand finishing, Armin Strom has designed and built the movement and hands, all in-house. 

Also exhibited on the dial side of the watch, the highlight is the star on the barrel. It has been painstakingly hand-decorated and is etched with the words “100 HOURS OF POWER RESERVE,” a testament to that amazing aspect of its performance.

Armin Storm Tribute 1 Movement
Armin Storm Tribute 1 Movement

The Armin Strom Tribute 1 watches are part of the “System 78” range, which features superb watchmaking, impeccable hand-finishing, and several horological “firsts” at an affordable price point of CHF 13,900- CHF17,900. The collection is an embodiment of watchmaking sensibilities and lives up to the name of the independent Swiss watch brand. 

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