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What makes the House of Bovet’s new collection an adorned timepiece? Is it the tantalizing turquoise color? Is it the guilloché dials? Maybe it’s this perfect blend. A wearer’s rejoice; a watch connoisseur’s paradise. 

The new turquoise guilloché dials by BOVET 1822 live up to the brand’s reputation for beautiful dials. The dial-makers in the factory have shown their abilities by creating a dial that is both complex and dazzling.

Some watches with this gorgeous hue include the classic BOVET Récital 27, BOVET Récital 23, and Monsieur Bovet.

The BOVET Guilloché Dials 

Bovet’s Guilloché is an exquisite technique in the timepiece industry since the 18th century. With its deep hues and captivating pattern, BOVET has employed guilloché to great success throughout its long history, and it is a welcome addition here.

The in-house artists apply the guilloché pattern to the primary dial in the production, then top it with layer upon layer of translucent colored lacquer. They polish the lacquer after curing it, displaying the guilloché pattern, and catching the light as the clock moves. 

Colour-changing dials when light hits them

These guilloché dials are unique in that when light shines on them, it causes them to change color. It appears to be a deep, dark blue from one viewpoint, yet a vibrant turquoise from another. You can lose yourself in beautiful dials simply by twisting the watch in your palm and enjoying it.

BOVET: Récital 27

BOVET 1822’s watchmakers used their extensive experience to design Récital 27 by maximizing the proportions of the iconic “writing slope” case, thus exceeding collectors’ expectations by providing no less than three time zones.

The information on the timepiece’s dial with a dome moon phase indicator completes it. They carve its surface to resemble the lunar surface, and the lowest sections are hand-filled with Super-LumiNova for further realism. The precision mechanism that controls the moon phase only needs to be adjusted once every 122 years.

The BOVET Récital 27 is available in grade 5 titanium and 18K red gold and comes in a limited edition with stunning turquoise guilloche dials.

BOVET: Récital 23  

The BOVET Récital 23’s elegant hour and minute hands glide elegantly over the off-set turquoise guilloche dial, allowing room for the accurate moon phase. Every hour, the hour and minute hands’ distinctive patterns form the shape of a heart, highlighted in negative space when they overlap.

The hour and minute hands’ distinctive patterns form the shape of a heart

Mr. Raffy, the owner of BOVET 1822, wanted to add a push button into the cabochon of the crown so that you could adjust the moon phase daily. As a result, you can easily update the latter without the use of any tools.

The new limited edition Récital 23 is eternal and representative of the principles that motivate Mr. Raffy and the artisans of BOVET 1822: a passion for exquisite watchmaking and a commitment to continuing BOVET 1822’s storied heritage with magnificent new manifestations of the timekeeping art.

BOVET: Monsieur Bovet  

Monsieur Bovet has become the symbol of timepieces with the classic patented Amadéo® convertible case, allowing you to transition your timepiece from the wrist (and show both sides, with reversed hand fitting) to a pocket/pendant watch to a desk clock, using no tools since its launch in 2015. Its elegance, subtle style, and two faces make it a suitable timepiece for every occasion in a modern man’s life.

Pendant to desk-clock reversible timepiece

An in-house mechanism with double co-axial seconds and a seven-day power reserve from a single barrel powers this premium timepiece.

The artisans of BOVET 1822 have once again united their abilities to create these unique watches. Creating these dials is exceedingly delicate, but it ensures the famous quality of the dials and watches that Maison BOVET 1822, a brand dedicated to art and engineering brilliance, has been producing for nearly two centuries. The turquoise dials will surely not disappoint!


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