There’s no better a feeling of sharing what you love, with someone you love. The emotion is tangible, whether it involves a person or something inanimate. Every child feels this emotion, for the very first time, receiving unconditional love, from their mothers. While each of them has done more than beyond for us, even with all of one’s gratitude, it’s would be difficult to completely reciprocate, all the things ‘she’ has done. 

My path as a collector was clearly inspired by my mother, when she handed me her father’s Omega Seamaster from the 1960’s. I wouldn’t be sure if my love for these inanimate objects, would even be existent, if it wasn’t for her, gifting me one. Curiosity turned to learning, learning turned into a passion. So, while my love for watches grew, I was lucky enough to make a profession out of the same. With a career spanning 24 years with the Swiss watch industry, I’ve never worked a day in all these years, as I was extremely fortunate to be doing what I loved, rather that work; just because one must. 

I know that I would want to acknowledge my mother more than just once a year, 9th May being celebrated as International Mother’s Day, and I’m quite sure most of you share the same sentiment. Quoting Forrest Gump “My mama always said, ‘Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get. ‘”, we at The Hour Markers were able to offer you a few choices, to share your love and thanks, with your Ma’s.

CHOPARD : Imperale


ROLEX: DateJust


CARTIER: Pasha de Cartier


IWC : Da Vinci Automatic 36


SEIKO: Presage Cocktail Time ‘Tequila Sunset’




Coming from a family of watch enthusiasts and pioneers, Kari, as fondly identified by the watch-community, has been a part of this mystical world of horology for almost two decades now. From watch magazines to books to Internationally acclaimed watch shows, Kari has founded, initiated and pioneered various such endeavours.

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