Seiko Prospex Welcomes Artist Nikhil Chinapa As Brand Friend In India

Seiko recently announced an exciting partnership with multi-talented artist Nikhil Chinapa, naming him as their official ‘Brand Friend’ in India. This aligns with Seiko Prospex’s global commitment to support individuals who embody their “Keep Going Forward” philosophy.

The globally renowned Seiko Prospex brand, known for adventure, innovation, and excellence, has found an ideal partner in Nikhil Chinapa. Nikhil is renowned as one of India’s pioneering DJs, having crafted chart-topping music for over two decades. Beyond music, he has hosted various TV shows, curated cultural festivals, and indulged his adventurous spirit through scuba diving explorations. Seiko Prospex resonates with Chinapa’s relentless pursuit of excellence across artistic mediums.

Seiko Prospex
Seiko Prospex

Mr. Niladri Mazumder, President & COO of Seiko Watch India Pvt. Ltd. expressed excitement about the partnership, stating “We are delighted to welcome Nikhil Chinapa into the Seiko Prospex family as our Brand Friend. His passion, determination, and fearlessness align perfectly with our ‘Keep Going Forward’ philosophy.”

Chinapa also shared his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating “Life is a celebration, and I dive in wholeheartedly, whether it’s creating music or exploring the depths of the ocean. Seiko Prospex’s ‘Keep Going Forward’ philosophy deeply resonates with me, and I’m thrilled to be a part of this inspiring journey.”

The pioneering watchmaker has been present in India for 15 years, becoming the fastest-growing premium watch brand in the country. Seiko established its Indian subsidiary in 2007 to address the discerning needs of consumers here. The brand is globally renowned for landmark innovations in timekeeping, having created Japan’s first wristwatch and the world’s first quartz watch.

Seiko Prospex aims to support Chinapa’s adventurous endeavors while spreading their message – true Prospex friends never surrender. This partnership embodies the brand’s ethos of pushing limits and relentlessly pursuing excellence. It is sure to motivate others to keep moving forward and never give up.