Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Essential Grey

Hublot's E-commerce Exclusive: Spirit Of Big Bang Essential Grey

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The Essential Grey collection by Hublot was born of this premise: a single colour, a single model, once a year, through a single channel. The Essential Grey features a variation in style in luminous grey and is exclusively available online. A unique approach to watchmaking for a handful of collectors who make each vintage their own.This year, it's Spirit of Big Bang's turn to be part of the Essential Grey line.

Hublot_Spirit Of Big Bang Essential Grey

This historic collection, the only one in Hublot's barrel shape, is made from 100% titanium: including the case, bezel, screws, crown, push-pieces, case-back and folding clasp. The idea is to use the chromatic properties of titanium, the soft, radiant grey that the Manufacture wished to sandblast and grind, as a natural and obvious base for the Essential Grey version. For the occasion, the rubber strap has been matched, lined with black thread on the outer edge to mark the vanishing line.

Hublot_Spirit Of Big Bang Essential Grey

Only 100 copies will be available, exclusively online at