The HYT Conical Tourbillon Panda Presents A Stunning Contrast Of Black And White

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The new HYT Conical Tourbillon Panda timepiece represents the ultimate expression of yin and yang standing out with a highly sophisticated mechanism and an exceptional aesthetics in a monochromatic shade.


At the heart of the dial proper, the fluidic hour display and the conical tourbillon, adorned with three handcrafted spheres of natural white agate, come to life in a poetic ballet. Every single detail, from the 701 TC caliber’s refined finishes to the white agate chapter ring, and continual interplay between black and white, bears witness to the craftsmanship excellence of the house. The conical tourbillon movement is elevated as it springs to life at the very core of the mechanics, with its balance wheel inclined at 30 degrees, its escapement wheel at 15 degrees, and the anchor at 23 degrees.


On the HYT Conical Tourbillon Panda, it completes a full clockwise revolution in 30 seconds. Its graceful movement, marked by spheres of different sizes, creates a mesmerizing spectacle. Nestled on the center’s periphery, three exceptional, spherical white agate gemstones, each measuring 2.5 mm in diameter, amplify the vibrant pulsations of this visual spectacle, and, concurrently, hint at the subtle rhythm of the tourbillon. The spheres rotate at harmonious yet differing speeds. The first completes 4 rotations per minute; the second moves at 5 turns per minute, and the last at 6 turns per minute. Each sphere is complemented by a finely finished counterweight in white.